2009 ACBS International Boat Show – Part 2

Here are some more photographs from Paul & Karen Harrison’s trip to attend the 2009 ACBS International Boat Show in Gravenhurst, Onatrio last September. The diversity of the boats and the scenery of the region is outstanding.

Maybe this will help remind us that spring is just around the corner!

1937 24′ Greavette Custom during the pre-event boat house tour.

“Sea-Horse” is a 1927 34’6″ Minett-Shields powered by a Chrysler Royal I-8.

“Black Beauty” a 1934 Minett-Shields and “Martini” a 1932 Minett-Shields at home.

“Robin Adair” a 1927 32′ Ditchburn powered by a 95 HP Buchanan – Rocket 6.

“Robin Adair” at Beauman’s Wharf – circa 1934.“Rowdy” a 1986 Carpenter 32′ (Purdy Replica) was powered by a unique 680 HP GM 8×2.Check out the priceless antique hardware from the Golden Age of power boating.

In 1948 “Rocket” a ’48 21′ Clive Brown runabout was considered to be one of the fastest pleasure boats on Lake Muskoka. She’s still powered by the original 1948 95 HP Ford V8 and has spent her entire life on Lake Muskoka.

A 19′ 1924 Ditchburn “Clementine” powered by a 60 HP Buchanan Junior 4. Is there an award for having the cleanest boat house on the lake? Let’s phone them and ask…..

Here’s a beautiful 1937 18′ Greavette Flash powered by a 140 HP Gray Marine 6.

There’s just something special about that classic Greavette hardware.

Think warm thoughts everyone, the snow will be gone soon. Texx
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