2009 ACBS International Classic Boat House Tour

Woody Boater’s Paul & Karen Harrison also attended the Boat House Tour at the 2009 ACBS International Boat Show, here’s the story……and don’t forget, click on any image and it will double in size.

As a prelude to the 2009 ACBS International Boat Show and General Meeting at Gravenhurst, the Toronto Chapter arranged several days of pre-event activities for show attendees and participants, and by far the most popular were the private boat house tours. There are three lakes which make up the Muskoka area, and for over 100 years these lakes have been extremely popular destinations for families looking to escape the heat and congestion of the city. Always home to elegant and grand summer homes and resorts, the Muskoka Lake region has also been a mecca for recreational boating since the earliest days of tourism and summer travel.

There is very seldom a chance to peer into any of these grand structures, and the chance that we had, to visit roughly 15 of them over two days (in a classic wooden triple cockpit runabout), is an exceedingly rare opportunity indeed. In our case, we had the good fortune to be invited to join outgoing ACBS President Dick Werner and his wife Louise on board “Crusoe”, a beautifully restored 1937 24′ Greavette Custom owned by Alan Cranfield of nearby Torrance, on Lake Muskoka. Alan has been a lifelong summer resident of the Muskoka area, and he knew most of the people and the boats extreamely well. Alan was a most excellent tour guide!

Click on the little arrow and watch a video tour as well.

Many large homes and lakefront estates boast very elaborate boat houses, in some cases multiple boat houses with dockage of from two to three boats and up to, on occasion, well over 10 boats.

The often heard sentiment from the tour participants was that there was absolutely nowhere else in the world where such a collection of the best boats of this era could be viewed. Most of these boats are not publicly exhibited and most are very seldom seen. Some are truly one-of-a-kind historic boats that we have only read about. It was only through the extraordinary efforts of the Toronto ACBS Chapter and generosity of the owners that we mortals were afforded the opportunity to view this rare collection of timeless wooden boats.

Thanks Paul & Karen for sharing this experience with us – Texx.
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