2010 Clayton Boat Show Friday – All Things Wood

It’s Friday at Clayton – We started our day at the 46th Annual Antique Boat Show & Auction with a visit to The Antique Boat Museum which was fantastic, a must see. It’s like taking a step back in time to appreciate the history Gar Wood and the connection to the 1000 Islands area of New York State.

Gar Wood’s racing history is legendary and well documented at The Antique Boat Museum.

Antique Boat Museum Trustee, Author and Noted Historian Tony Mollica was on hand to highlight the history and racing career of Gar Wood. Tony also shared some rare audio recordings of Gar Wood himself talking about his racing experience’s, and an unusual race with a passenger train (which we won by the way) in Upstate New York.

Charles Mistele, the owner of “Miss America IX” for over 40 years, spoke about the history of IX ands Gar Wood’s connection to the boat which is one of the most famous boats in American Powerboat Racing history. Then you could walk outside and see the boat up close and in person – very cool.

While we were touring the museum, Kaptain Krunch formed an attachment to one of the antique race boats in the museum. He seemed happy to just hang out and soak up the history of the boat.

Then we told Krunch it was time to go outside to see the rest of the Gar Wood’s at the show… Let’s just say we had a hard time getting him to leave the museum and his new favorite race boat.

All things wood outside, including an impressive selection of original and reproduction Gar Wood boats.

“Miss…Martha” is a spectacular Circa 1900 18ft Wilbur & Wheelock St. Lawrence Rowing Skiff owned by Dr. Larry & Sudee Pollock from Apollo, PA.
“My Bluenose” is a 1965 26ft Lyman powered by an original 327 V-8, owned by Sidney Fawcett from Kingston, Ontario.

No problem finding Lyman’s at this boat show, they are everywhere! “Hocus Pocus” is a beautiful 1947 22ft Lyman Utility.

“Hocus Pocus” had a ship mate on board who was doing a great job taking care of the boat. This folks is the future of our hobby, and it’s great to see the young people participating.

“Miss Hallie” is owned by Jim Denning from Dalton, Ohio – A spotless 1954 Chris-Craft U-22.
A huge selection of vintage canoes and skiffs on display in one of the museums buildings.
All things wood, including the popular Wooden Boat Publication.

“Gar Gantua” a 1947 Gar Wood runabout going out for a spin.

To end the day on Friday, we went out for a ride aboard a Gar Wood Triple Cockpit for a big ride around the lake and islands, the only way to see and truly appreicate the lake and surrounding landscape.
Today I shot over 530 photos of boats at the show, so we will be putting together a special Gar Wood boat story in the next few days. So stay tuned to WoodyBoater. Also, we will be covering the auction on Saturday which should be lots of fun.
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    All right. That's what I am talking about. On the RIVER. Lymans galore. Love those pre 1961 hulls. Great shots. Hopefully you are not wearing out your point and shoot finger. Thanks for the fun without leaving the farm.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    I knew you would like to see those Lyman's. The water around Clayton is loaded with them! More later…

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    > I am hoping that you might be able to help me. I am currently searching
    > for a pre war era power cruiser to restore. I have been told that you
    > or one of your associates may know where I might find such a vessel. I
    > am looking for a boat built between 1920 and 1941, and 28' to 40' in
    > length. I am interested in All makes including, but not limited to,
    > Elco, Matthews, Richardson, Dawn, etc. If you could provide any leads I
    > would appreciate it very much. skdami@metrocast.net

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