2011 New Zealand Classic & Antique Boat Show – Glorious Hydromatic Relaxation


The 2011 New Zealand Classic & Antique Boat Show at Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park was once again a great success for everyone who attended.

Here are some more beautiful images from the big show courtesy of Fellow Woody Boater and Master Photographer Skinny.co.nz – You can check out his awesome photo gallery by clicking here.

One of the popular Hamilton Jets heading out on Lake Rotoiti for a cruise.

This time it’s a seven man powered row boat, running as smooth as a Swiss Watch. I think this is the award winning Best Classic Row Boat “Swiftsure” A 9.74m owner built replica Jackson Family whale boat, was completed this year by Ron Perano of Blenheim.

A Classic Seagull. May have been the winner for the biggest stern flag at this years event.

“Miss Print” – For some reason, he doesn’t appear to be very happy… Maybe it’s the recent hike in gas prices… It sure is a great looking boat – running or not…

Those Big Block Chevrolet’s tend to use lots of fuel.

Hey – Here’s Skinny’s Minimax Racer…

And there’s our new friend Skinny out on his new Minimax Racer checking out the competition before the next race.

A classic plywood runabout.

The official launch of “SS Flirt” – Best Themed Display – Eventiac Award The replica Royal Mail steam ship was completed in time for the Classic Boat Show by Lionel Jeffcoat in Havelock and launched on Saturday morning. Owner Robert Hamlett of Wellington had his entire crew thematically attired in navy and white stripes. “SS Flirt” was our cover boat on Saturday’s Woody Boater Live-ish story.

The Award for Best New Boat “Typhoon” A Mid 50s runabout design by Glen L Marine, USA. Plans bought and boat entirely built by owner , John Herd, in his first attempt at building a boat. It is powered by a Ford V6 3 litre inboard.

A Classic Seagull heading out for ride on the lake, with the Skipper adjusting the carb on the fly to impress the girls… Looks like it’s working too!

“Lady Jane” sank on her maiden voyage, but as long as everyone’s safe, I’m sure he will be back again next year and make sure it doesn’t happen again. OK who forgot to install the plug…

“Baby Champs” classic runabout, no leaks there…

The hotly contested Steamboat Race is always a crown favorite…

“Else” a Danish built double-ender, that came to NZ in 1927 on a factory whale ship, won the prestigious Jens Hansen Cup Award for the Best Vessel at the weekend’s NZ Antique and Classic Boat Show held at Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

“Else” is owned and was restored by Doug Johnson, who now lives in Christchurch, but is originally from Stewart Island, where the boat had been in family ownership for over 50 years. Doug started a website in 2009 when the restoration began: www.elserestoration.webs.com You can see the story of “Else” on Saturday’s Live-ish boat show report.

There you have it, a great weekend of boating during some difficult times in nearby Christchurch. It’s just great to see everyone out on the lake enjoying their classic & antique boats.

Special thanks to the show organizer Pete Rainey for helping us with our show reports and to Skinny for all his excellent photographs over the last week. Also to Jacquetta Bell from the Nelson Media Agency in Nelson, NZ for her full report as shown on Saturday’s Woody Boater Live-ish show report. Great work everyone! Your hard work is appreciated by folks all around the world now!


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  1. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    That looks like a great show and a great location for a show. I love all the smiling faces and it seems like everyone gets to use their boat. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks Skinny!

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Great report from half way around the world from our new Woody Boater friends in New Zealand. Amazing!

    I notice that folks in every power boat were wearing PFD’s but not the crew of the row boat. Is this a law or just good judgment? It would be a handicap to row with one on, I suppose. Are they exempt?

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