2012 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance – Perpetual Trophy Winners


The Friday night Awards Ceremony BBQ was filled with excitement as the awards for both the Class Winners and the 2012 Perpetual Trophy Winners were announced by Chief Judge Terry Fiest and Dave Olson – Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation President.

Here are the Perpetual Trophy Winners for 2012. We are currently preparing a follow-up report on the individual Class Winners as well, with a description of how the judging system and subsequent Class Awards are determined with additional photos – which will also be published this weekend.

Most Elegant Boat Award
Blair-Barry – 1926 24′ Fay & Bowen Junior Runabout
Barry Becker of Las Vegas, NV

Most Unique Boat Award
Oski III – 1924 30′ Stephens Launch
T. Gary Rogers of Oakland, CA

Best Engine of Show
‘S a Gem – 1934 27’ Chris-Craft Custom Runabout
330HP 12 Cylinder Scripps 302
Russell Hagen of Minneapolis, MN

Best Original Tahoe Boat Award
Miss Tahoe – 1939 28′ Gar Wood 936 Custom Runabout
Tahoe Maritime Museum of Homewood, CA

Best Chris-Craft Award
Daisy – 1953 19′ Chris-Craft Racing Runabout #437
Chuck & Kathy Michel of Lake Arrowhead, CA

Best Non-Professional Restoration Award
Y.P. – 1952 21′ Stan-Craft Torpedo Runabout
Jerry & Charlene Appel of Lakeside, MT

Jerry & Charlene Appel of Lakeside, MT

Best of Show Under 23ft Award
Hungry Blonde – 1949 20′ Chris-Craft Custom Runabout
Mike & Sandy Davis of Napa, CA

Best Century Award
Jazzy Lady – 1940 20′ Century Sedan
Dick & Louise Werner of Newberg, OR

Dick & Louise Werner receiving their award from Dave Olson

Best Riva , Non Marque Class
Bella Donna – 1969 22’4″ Riva Ariston
Dale & Donna Reynolds of Walnut Creek, CA

Best of Show Original Preserved
Sponsor GoldKey Boathouse & Marine Service
Saphir II – 1963 22′ Riva Super Ariston
David & Diane Paul of Los Angeles, CA

Best Contemporary Boat
Sponsor Award Cole European
My Sin – 2012 20′ Ventnor Race Boat
Scott Courts of Pleasanton, CA

Best Party Boat Award
Sponsor Korbel California Champagne
Rumrunner – 2005 37′ Hugh Saint Hacker Commuter
Will Stout of Cape Coral, FL

Marque Class Best of Show, Overall Best of Show
Tiger – 1969 27′ Riva Aquarama
David & Diane Paul of Los Angeles, CA

Best Professional Restoration
Dan Nelson – Nelson Boatworks, Minnesota For Hungry Blonde
1949 20′ Chris-Craft Custom Runabout

Owner Mike Davis with Mitch LaPointe, Dan Nelson & Dave Olson

The Hungry Blonde restoration project was completed by Dan Nelson in conjunction with Mitch LaPointes Antique Boat in Minnesota.

Awarded to Dave Olson

Congratulations to all the winners and stay tuned for more updates from the 2012 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance. It was a great evening and yes, Woody Boater’s entry “CYCLONE” did very well on it’s first time out… We will also have more on that story.

Dave Olson & I decided to have some Woody Boater fun with the crowd as we received the award for “CYCLONE” up on the stage… As John Lahti was shooting us…


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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Ok Matt, how much PhotoShop magic did it take to make Cyclone look that perfect in the header? You’ve GOT to do a story on her, just a couple of the comments from yesterday alone have me curious. Texx that boat looks gorgeous! Well I guess the Rivas can go home now.

  2. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Yes, texx’s award was well deserved. As usual a great show with more Rivas than anyone would otherwise ever see in one spot.

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    The magic was provided by Mike Mayer at Lake Oswego Boat Company in Portland, Oregon.

    Preparing “Cyclone” for Lake Tahoe and all the logistics involved in physically getting the Riviera to the event, through the local inspection process and in the water would not have beeen possible without Mike’s help.

    More on that later…

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Having done this last year I totally agree. Having the guys that actually restored the boat there his a huge help. We had Mike with us last year and also Dave Jerome, and both contributed hugely to the entire process that preparing, arriving and showing is. It is a testament to these guys’ committment to their craft and their clients to want to be there to help at the toughest of events. Restoring a boat to this level must be a partnership between the restorer and the owner, there is no other way to get it done in my opinion. Congrats Texx and Mike – I am not surprised at all.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Cyclone is sweet, gives me inspiration to dust off my ’50 Riv and begin restoration. Rivs are the epitome of 50’s design and that transom shot is golden. Lucky man Texx.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Congratulations Texx. Word reached Hessel that you won. As you found out firsthand, it’s not easy for word to reach Hessel. So that boat must be a stunner.

  6. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    The top photo shows most of the 35 Rivas in the marina those two days, of which 21 were Aquaramas ranging from No.18 (1963) through No.720 (1981). There were another half-dozen Rivas in the showroom and upstairs at Sierra Boat.

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