2012 – Year Of The Riva!


Riva's Riva's Riva's - Courtesy of Fellow Woody Boater Steven Lapkin, H20Mark.com

Yes I know there are other boats out there, but this year is a special year for Riva Boat Owners. 2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Riva Aquarama, claimed to be “ The Best Boat Ever Made” by Motor Boat and Yachting magazines.I have to say, it is one amazing boat.. On an entirely different level of Woody Boating. Lets put it this way, I wash my hands BEFORE I get on one.. So how is this all going to be celebrated? Since you just asked. The Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation is recognizing the Riva Aquarama as the Marque Class for the 2012 Concours d’ Elegance. Only 768 Riva Aquaramas were created during the production run of 1962-1996. It is guaranteed that the 2012 Concours will feature the largest assemblage of these rare Rivas ever seen in the United States. The Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance will be followed three weeks later by a sister celebration of Rivas in Sarnico, Italy. Carlo Riva, the creator and builder, celebrates his 90th birthday in 2012 and will receive special honors at these two sister events. There is now a cool website to tell you all the details.

So get out your pastel sweater, Grey Poupon, and for gods sake Wash your hands…this year… It’s RivaPalooza!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Great header today. Look at the passion in that woman, so happy to be with a WoodyBoater guy she’s about to give him on helluva hug!

  2. matt
    matt says:

    There is an amazing life story about her that we are working on.. Simply one of the most moving stories we have heard..

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    “RivaPalooza.” Love it. Somehow, that didn’t make the Tahoe poster.

    Naturally, you (Matt and/or Texx) plan on making the Italian celebration and meeting the founder, right? Just charge the trip to the WB expense account. The boss (you) will surely approve it.

    • Paul H
      Paul H says:

      Just heard this morning that the top is off and being refinished this month. Have the engine, the hull is tight and needs very little work. I need some jump seats, a steering wheel and new plexi windows and winshield. Should be done later this spring.

      And in case you are on the edge of your seat Chad, the Mullins is also underway this winter, for late spring completion. Wonder if Tahoe is ready for a Feathercraft/Mullins double whammy?

      Matt’s comparison between the marques is exactly what I was thinking!

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Riva, feathercraft,. Frenches, grey poupon? Big Mack, Filet Mignon, Champale, Dom Perignon, St Clair, St Trope.. All the same once you are in the water

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Here’s another one. A classic glass gathering could be called Plasticpalooza. We could even call our shootout that. Brother, it must be Friday. Fri- as in fried!

  6. matt
    matt says:

    I love doing this darn site,, you can start out doing a story on Rivas and end up talking Rivets and aluminum boats. And it all makes sense.

  7. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:


    I’m alittle confused with the part about you being in the water. Are you getting out your inner tube again?

  8. Hanna
    Hanna says:

    That passionate woman is my wonderful mother, who has a birthday coming up in a couple weeks!!

    Happy early birthday mom! Love ya!

  9. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    Matt; Very cool. The picture at the top with the four Riva’s. I’m at the very top (smallest) driving my 1959 Super Florida. That was a really cool helicopter photo shoot on Tahoe. Once in a lifetime for me.

  10. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Don’t those Riva’s have “auto pilot”? I think the guy in the front seat is getting ready to put that boat on auto pilot and jump in the back seat. On the motor box. And…..well you get the idea.

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