2015 Gull Lake Classic Boat Show – Part Two, Something For Everyone

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Roger Moberg’s impressive 1957 Larson Deluxe Speedster 14′ “Lollipop II” powered by a period correct Evinrude 35HP outboard.

THERE WERE SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF BOATS to report on from the 2015 Gull Lake Classic Boat Show last weekend, that we decided to include another report with photos from Minnesota correspondent Dane Anderson. We noted in our earlier reports from Friday and Saturday that, once again this year, the diversity and range of antique & classic boats attending the show was significant.

So in order to properly represent that diversity, we felt it was important to include some shots of a few other classic boats that came out for the big show – although both our camera lenses were drawn back to some more Lee Anderson Collection boats as you will see below.


The range of classic boats is always fantastic at the Gull Lake show. Proof positive in this shot that Dane Anderson captured on Saturday of one of the main docks at Bar Harbor. From back to front, a Century / Electric launch / HydroDyne / Century / Buehler / Lyman outboard / and an original Aristocraft.


Fellow Woody Boater and long time collector from Wisconsin Mike Favilla brought his gorgeous 1925 Dodge 22′ Watercar named “Dazzle” to Gull Lake for the show. Mike will also be at the upcoming ACBS International Show with a few surprises, so stay tuned – We have it covered.


It’s important to note that one of the many things that makes the Gull Lake Classic Boat Show so special is that John Allen (the host of the event) spends hours out on the docks visiting with people and staying in touch with the spectators. In this photo John is in the center of the crowd (white shirt and glasses) spending time with the folks which he truly enjoys. Many of the other collectors and boat owners can also be found on the docks and they are all very approachable – it makes for a great boat show experience. They are also daily viewers at Woody Boater and support the hobby in many different ways.


“CHARISMATIC” is a wonderful & very rare 1930 30-foot Hackercraft triple cockpit runabout owned by Brian Marks. This boat lives on Gull Lake just down the lake from Bar Harbor. Our host John Allen also has a 30-30 Hackercraft that lives on Gull Lake – named “Rebecca Paige”.


“CHARISMATIC” is powered by a glorious Sterling Petrel marine engine that was great to see.

This year, in conjuction with Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service we decided to enter an all original 1961 Carver 18-foot Commuter complete with period correct Johnson 75HP outboard. We had fun with the boat and used it to run around Gull Lake prior to and during the show. So much fun that we are preparing a story about the Carver, it’s history on nearby Bay Lake since 1961 to date, and preparing her for the show after being out of service for around 14 years.


The all original 1961 Carver outboard was very popular with spectators, as was the vintage White Bear surf board (aquaplane) that we had on display in the boat. It brought back memories for many people and many questions from other people who had never seen anything like it before. It was fun to watch the different responses to the vintage aquaplane and how it was used back in the day.


The interior of the 1961 Carver that has been on Bay Lake, Minnesota since she was purchased new from the dealer in 1961.


The huge six-foot long White Bear surf board (officailly called an aquaplane) manufactured in White Bear, Minnesota around the same time as the 1961 Carver.


Mark Young presented his very cool 1961 Larson All American Hardtop 15′ at Gull Lake this year – and it was very popular with the spectators.


From the Lee Anderson Collection “Lockpat II” a 1931 Hacker 40′ Custom Runabout powered by a massive, smooth running Packard 2,025 cu.in. 650 HP V-12.


Every detail on “Lockpat II” is unique and perfect in terms of form & function. Everything fits perfectly to the design of the boat – it’s amazing to see this huge Hacker runabout in person.


Early Saturday morning, over a 100 feet of vintage mahogany lined up at the Bar Harbor dock. “Tolka”, “Royaleze” and “Mineta” all ready to greet the huge crowds of spectators that filed in to the show under sunny skies.


As noted in our Monday show story – “Mineta” is a beautiful white sided 1917 36-foot Minette displacement launch originally built as the delivery boat for the Cleveland’s house in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. A remarakable early boat from the Lee Anderson Collection.


At 36-feet “Mineta” has lots of room for passengers and crew. The attention to detail is absolutely fantastic.


Dane Anderson captured this great shot of “Mineta’s” interior and as you can see she is a comfortable ride.


Just ahead of “Mineta” at the dock was another beautiful and historic Canadian built launch – “Royaleze” a 1929 Ditchburn 36′ launch which features some unique design details. “Royaleze” was built for the Toronto Harbour Commission as their signature Toronto Harbour vessel in 1928.


“Royaleze” outfitted for a royal cruise on Gull Lake – powered by a 150 HP Kermath 8 cylinder engine.


Another legendary race boat from the Lee Anderson Collection – this is a 1928 Purdy 29′ Gold Cup Race Boat “IMP II”.


“IMP II” is powered by an ultra rare 300 HP Wright V8. The valve covers read the name “WRIGHT MARINE ENGINE”


“Typhoon” also lives on the Nisswa / Gull Lake chain – a outstanding 1929 Hackercraft 29-foot Deluxe Runabout powered by a 200 HP Sterling Petrel 6-cylinder engine.


We featured a few shots of “Rebel” on our Monday show report, Dane snapped this great shot of the rare 1925 33-foot Hackercraft on display at Bar Harbor on Saturday. This is a spectacular 90 year-old wooden boat designed by John Hacker. A sister boat to “Rebel” named “Evangeline” (a 1924 33′ Hackercraft) recently won “Overall Best of Show” at the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance and she will be on hand at Gull Lake for the ACBS International later this month. We also have a great 2-part story about the evolution and final restoration of “Evangeline” which is scheduled for next week here on Woody Boater – so stay tuned. – Texx


Kermit Sutton presented “Rocketeer” at Gull Lake – a 1948 Ventnor 23-footer powered by twin 145 HP Greymarine Fireball 6 engines, fresh out of the Freedom Boat Service workshop.

DSC_4080 - Copy

And last but certainly not least is Alex Fraser his 1952 Lyman 16′ with period correct Evinrude outboard as he makes his way to the launch ramp after a long day. This boat won the award for Peoples Choice this year at Gull Lake. Great work and congratulations. – Texx

Special thanks to Dane Anderson for sharing his always great photos with us today and also for his hospitality in Minnesota last weekend. Some day we need to do a story to document what it takes to prepare a Live-ish next-day story from a boat show for Woody Boater. The title for the story will be “Sleepless in Lake ______________ ” (Enter location of boat show).


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    As much as I love to see the big Hackers, Bear Cat’s and anything powered with a V12 it is nice to see these smaller outboards.

    Lollipop II is out of this world gorgeous! And the steering wheel on that Carver is insane!

    Anxiously awaiting part 2 of Evangeline. 🙂

    • Roger Moberg
      Roger Moberg says:

      Thanks, Troy. She’s an absolute and have pulled her 28,500 miles between MN and FL every year. “She goes where she’s towed”

  2. Chris B.
    Chris B. says:

    great photos, Mineta was a regular at our show in Muskoka until this year we will miss that gorgeous boat.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    For years now, Woodyboater has been promising increased video content. If you are going to do a followup on that Carver, I think you should include videos of Matt and Texx riding the aquaplane. Even better if you wear that Little Mermaid/Jaws bathing suit Troy posted yesterday.

  4. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    The diversity and quality of the boats is just outstanding. John Allen’s commitment to make Bar Harbor the perfect setting. Now add fall color. Woods & Water in a few weeks is going to be amazing.

  5. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    That Carver wheel is the Vollrath Single Spoke. Vollrath is headquartered in Sheboygan WI and at one time a big marine hardware manufacturer. Still in business making high end food service equipment. I have the same wheel on my ’59 Chetek lapstrake and feel it is the coolest thing since 45 RPM records.

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Good to see Lindsey’s old boats surfacing now and then. Great of guys like Mike to continue to care for them.
      Wonder what ever happened to Lindsey’s little Hickman Sea Sledd that was campaigned all over the country as an ACBS fund raiser before the 2002 or 2003 annual meet at Couer d’ Alene.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      As a tribute to Lindsey and their friendship, Mike Favilla purchased “Dazzle” from Lindsay’s estate thru his widow, Wanda Hopkins. They frequently traveled together in Lindsey’s boat on the St John’s River Cruises. the Dodge. was restored by Millar-Potter Boatworks (also known as
      the Oak Rib Boys”) in Manotick outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Here is another shot of “Dazzle” which provides a nice view of the Dodges unique cockpit layout. Very cool…

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