22 Days Til Clayton. I Wonder If I Can Get Two Trailer Hitch's On My Truck?

The 1000 Island Big Antique & Classic Boat Show at The Antique Boat Museum.. July 31-Aug 2 Auction is Saturday Aug 1 at 1pm This is looking like it may be a great year up in Clayton, if not just for the Auction. The folks at Antique Boat America each year put on the auction. This year though they have brought out the heavy hitters. There will be Alan Jackson’s Garwood Speedster and 4 other of his boats there in the Auction…. his XK19 ugh.. . And no doubt some steals. Big tasty Sea Skiffs went for a song last year. I also see a very nice U22 there… ahhhh. Maybe I can rent a car transport. Maybe a tandem type deal.. One trailer hitch daisy chained to the next trailer…….. I just can make any turns or back up…….it might just work… Regardless, we will be there shooting photos and our mouths off. See you there. Woohooo!

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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Hey Matt, Is there a way that you can check the boats before you bid to see if they have stinky engines? As the antique boat market is so fickled these days, it will be interesting to see how the auction works out.

    Multiple boat trailers daisy chained together, whizzing down the freeway at 80 would be a sight to see, make sure you take photos or better yet a YouTube video!

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