Just Another Monday In Woodyboaterville.

Today we have some updates on all sorts of stuff. First off, Troy has left Maine and is in route to Mt Dora. And of course we are talking only about 30 days til the big year stating event.  Dang, is it me or does time just fly these days. Forget global warming, global speeding should be the issue.

Time to get the clickers out.. thats a slang term for camera, they actually dont click anymore. And well, I made the term up. And well, it could mean bring your remote control. So maybe its a bad slang term. UGH

Cups and Tee’s are ordered and will be at Dora. Oh, and its gonna be 70 here at HQ this week. WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAT?

We will have 2 cups

art work has been sent, it had a typo! HA, I half way thought of just leaving it.


Of course the new website roll out has taken time, but thats because we have built it twice. And looks like we are about a week out from that taking place. Behind the scenes, it is floating, and running like a champ, we are just loading and tweaking. So stay tuned.

Red Babe will be there. with her Speed boat outlaws, now Speedboat Inlaws, hey its been a while, and well, things happen when you are trapped in a folder together on ones laptop. So Green babe married the Outlaw, and now is red. And well.

Take that Rhiana!