Late Live-ish From Summer In New Zealand

A huge thanks to our fellow Woody Boaters from New Zealand for sharing todays worldwide adventure. And another thanks for allowing me to make up the captions.

The James Bond boat driven by actor Roger Moore in the film ‘Moonraker’ won the Jens Hansen Cup for Best Vessel Overall at the annual NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show held at Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes National Park over the weekend (4-5 March).

Okay, here is the true story, see James had one too many Martinis, shaken not stired, and well passed out in the boat back in the day during filming, so the grips, rigged up this bimini top to save James from becoming sun burnt. And the outboard is because James would wake up and start ripping around in that beast. This way James was safe and could live out his little drunk moment. At least this is what I think happend

The 16’ ski-boat with its impressive gold metallic finish was made in the USA and was one of six boats used in filming the movie in UK back in 1979. The owner, Peter Carrington (Anakiwa) bought the boat from the film company in 1980 and went on to produce the same type of craft at one of the UK’s biggest boat companies.

I have so many questions?

“It was just such a great story,” said boat show judge Ashley Johnson. “Peter was living in Florida, bought the boat and took it to the UK, then brought it out to New Zealand when he emigrated here. It’s pretty amazing to have a James Bond boat and use it down the Sounds as family runabout.”


Another notable win was the Eventiac award for the best themed display, which went to a trio of impeccable American powerboats from the 1960s, all three built in Milwaukee, Michigan, two with mahogany finish and one pulled from the production line and finished in blue-grey. These boats are owned by Philip Andrew of Lowry Bay, Wellington .

James out twirling around at full throttle. Shhhh, he thinks he is going fast and jumping over police cars. Just let him have his moment

This wonderful steam boat actually beat James in a drag race.. Ya,

Demonstrating the huge variety of boats on show, the Ron Culley Trophy for the best steamboat went to a kauri clinker, Tui, built in 1910 and restored in the1990s by owners Reece & Johanna Cobb of Auckland; while Gary Thomlinson of Geraldine won the innovation award in his two-metre bathtub, which cruised on its foils to second place in the Seagull outboard race.

There is a Cialis joke here, I just need to figure it out.

Referring to the zany aspect that’s a hallmark of the show, founder and organiser Pete Rainey said: “Long may the spontaneity and craziness continue – foiling bathtubs forever!”

He said in a time of increasing use of Artificial Intelligence, he wanted to applaud the boat owners for joining a movement that was ‘the antithesis of AI’: “A movement that celebrates great design, cherishes old techniques, helps to uncover our heritage, and at the same time gives us and a lot of other people a whole lot of fun and enjoyment.”

I would bet the farm, that one of the two guys is telling the other one about how many screws went into this boat, and how they only made 100 of the boat, and, and yada yada yada, and the other guy is feeling like he should never stopped to look. The geese are trying to stay out of it.

Rainey said he was really pleased with the turnout of 2000 on Saturday and with the 136 entries, given quite a few North Island owners faced problems in getting down to Nelson Lakes. The weather held out long enough for hardier boaties to gather on Saturday morning but afternoon action on the lake was rained off.

Now that fits. WOW

This year the Nelson Regional Development Agency was proud to support the Antique & Classic Boat Show, which benefits communities right across Te Tauihu, attracting visitors from out of the region and showcasing Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

The full list of 2023 boat show results:
Walker Family Best New Craft: Elise, Greg Doran, Queenstown

Best Restoration: Saga, Garth Hogan

Port Nelson Best Rowed Craft: Toroa, Russell Maxwell, Stoke

CWF Hamilton Trophy for Best Jet Propelled Craft: Saucy Jane, Jim & Noeleen Lapsley, Christchurch

Johnson Family Trophy for Best Sail Powered Craft: Abu, Christopher Harris

Jeffcott Trophy for the Best Motor Powered Craft: Bob, Mike & Julie Baker, Ashhurst, Manawatu

Best American Craft: Rayson, Richard Wilkie, Christchurch

Best Clinker Craft: Janet K, David Nicholson, Christchurch

Innovation Award: Bath, Gary Thomlinson, Geraldine

Best Outboard Motor Powered Craft: Phlex, Jared Campbell, Riwaka

Eventiac Award for the Best Themed Display: Miss Tahoe, Sparkle Horse, Casper; Philip Andrew

Lowry Bay, Wellington

Ron Culley Trophy for the Best Steam Boat: Tui, Reece & Johanna Cobb

People’s Choice, voted for on the day: Maria, Hamish Kincaid, Wellington

Jens Hansen Cup for the Best Vessel Overall: Moonraker II, Peter Carrington, Anakiwa

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It always looks like they have a good time at this event and the scenery on that lake is amazing. Love the categories of awards. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gaffer
    Gaffer says:

    Though I’m unsure about the Milwaukee, Michigan part, I am certain about wanting to visit Lake Rotoiti some day. Legendary boat racer Howie Benns (Grand Island, N.Y.), when asked about his visit some years ago said “all they wanna do there is race boats and drink beer”. That’s about the time I started thinking it might be a good idea to check it out.

  3. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    Was that the only Bond boat Roger Moore drove or were there others like a stunt boat they crashed into the rocks? What about that motor bracket is that a factory option or custom, factory Bimini top? Was Pat Curtin the marine coordinator on this production also?

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    That bathtub boat reminds me of an annual event that is (was?) held in Nanaimo, BC every summer – a race across the Straights of Georgia in just that sort of craft. Competitive, brave or of questionable mind – the event has had many participants over the years… 🙂

    • Troy in SC
      Troy in SC says:

      It reminds me of our local event of pumpkin boat races during Columbus Day weekend.

      Yes, that is a giant pumpkin with a little Johnson.

  5. Steve Lapkin
    Steve Lapkin says:

    BEYOND bucket list destination. Overboard – generous hospitality and visuals. More than worth the tariffs, round trip to get there. Big pat on the back to each entrant, spectators and host Pete Rainey. Boy and I honored to have attended back in 2020. Bravo. SL


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