27 Days. We Are So Close. Please No More Surprises.


Are you ready? I am not. As usual

In just 27 days we will all be basking in the Florida warmth and hopefully out on our boats. Please, no hurricanes, pandemic variants, or other twists of fate please. I don’t think Putins invasion of the Ukraine’ should effect us all from keeping our heads buried in the sand of the past yet. Gas prices and inflation will be with us, but its just money. Right?  Ugh, I have been waiting three years for some great Cuban food, the Dora Canal and some good genuine belly whacking.

Get out of your chair!

With only 27 days til it all starts, be warned. We are in the crunch time now. Make sure your boat runs, you have a room, and are ready. It creeps up on you faster than you think. Also for those of you ready to go now. GO! There are river cruises, and Vintage boat races the weekend before. So if you went now. as in this morning, trust me you will have a blast. The show is just one small part of it all, and either a nice way to end a vacation, or start one.

The vintage races are always cool

So this weekend, get that gas sucker started, and your trailer all set up, and here is a trick I learned. Leave mid week. Remember its Spring break Friday and weekend travel is insane.  Also Thursday the day before the show is a huge day for parties and getting the jump on stuff. So consider that.

Oh hell ya!

Chicken on a stick, I think it is, it tastes like chicken and a great quick hit of protein.

In the following weeks, we will be giving you all some fun tips of what to do there and how to get the most out of it all. STAY TUNED. And yes, I plan on milking this for as long as I can.

Bring your summer clothes, make sure you don’t get caught have way in winter and summer.

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  1. Troy in ANE headed to FLA soon. I HOPE!
    Troy in ANE headed to FLA soon. I HOPE! says:

    We are scheduled to pull out of the driveway on Sunday (Yes, this Sunday, in only 3 days), but it looks like we will have to dig out first.

  2. BT
    BT says:

    And only 114 days until the Whitefish Chain Classic Boat show which is Saturday June 18th. (Pardon the plug). And if we can’t boat just yet, this Saturday is our annual Ice Tee Open golf on Ice fundraiser for Camp Knutson. SOOO, if you can’t boat on the lake – golf on the lake for a great cause!
    I hope to meet many of you in Florida next month!

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      That event looks like fun and kudos for raising the $$$ for a worthy cause and getting folks off their assets and outside.

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