28 Days til Lake Dora, You Need To Go! No Really!

Winter is almost over in Woodyboaterville, The Sunnyland ACBS Lake Dora Show marks the first day of classic boating for us here. The annual trip to sunshine and freshly varnished boats is the one thing I look forward to all winter. It’s the start of spring, and represents hope, and a new opportunity to meet some very cool folks. This year will be even more important, because we all need the show/event to show us that despite the gloom and doom broadcast on CNN 24/7, that life goes on, and it does so with a nice classic boat. Many of the boats in the show have been there before. We forget that some of these boats have seen families through war, death, bankruptcy, and countless other horrible things. And yet, there they are, shimmering in the light, waiting to be used to take us all away from that crap. And no place or time is better for that than Lake Dora. The folks at this event do an amazing job, and that is the secret. The people there. I will bet, that the most common statement you will hear while there is”What recession?” we all know its here, but for 4 days and nights. It all just does not matter. And that is worth the 14 hr drive, and the 6 hr fight. So if you are on the fence this year, waffling about going or not. You are indeed in need of this. Trust me, you will thank yourself for going. And so will we. mmmm just think….Chicken on a stick…mmmmmmm

Book your room now, there are some amazing deals out there. I just got a nice room at the Mission Inn $89 a night. Say its for the ACBS show, they got a special rate. There is a spa and golf course… So the spouse might actually come as well.

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    Doesen’t that photo look like a flash forward 30 yr’s of the famous “BEACHES” snapshot at the end of the movie:):)

    From the pipe man in Va. :):)

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