35 Days Til Dora, Maybe 30, or, 37?

Photo taken yesterday by the Harrisons.

For many of us, Lake Dora is the event that starts the boating season. Ya Ya, there are the guys in FLA that go all year, but as a community, it marks some sort of ritual beginning, and everyone is there. We all come in from all over the world, yes, world. Its three Days of boating with fellow Woody Boaters. More of a social event to say hi, how was your winter? You know actual human contact. Which no matter what anyone says on the internet, is far far better, and more fun.

The canals are the best

For those of you new to all this. Lake Dora is actually a Lake, and has been turned into a “Thing” But its really a Lake, that connects to other lakes through some bad aft cool as ship canals. Seriously cool. The show part is really for the people there in Florida. The real seal is before it all. There are River cruises, and boat rides. Bag deep fat fried restaurant’s, and bars. Basically everything you need to kill yourself earlier, so other people can move to Florida to die earlier. Its all really a pyramid scheme. I am okay with that, as long as the Jalapeño Poppers keep coming.

You can eat Gator. Or visa versa..

So, here we go, come on down, the price is always right, and stop by the tent and say hi, or you ass, either way its human contact. And thats a good thing.

Its a large party. Guess who is Troy…..

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  1. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Florida: God’s Waiting Room
    And come the end of March, no place I’d rather be than with a bunch of wooden boat crazies like me!!!!!

  2. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Where are the “springs ” that they would stop mid afternoon. I think someone said it was on the canal cruise.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      There are springs on the St John’s River Cruise that the group stops at in 2 locations: Silver Glen Springs is the one off Lake George and Blue Springs which is off St Johns River proper. There are no springs that I know of accessible from Lake Dora, the canal, or Lake Eustis, or Lake Harris connected by the canal or Dead River connection.

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