38 Days Until Lake Dora Officially Starts.

Jimmy tow -1

Great friends having a great time in great weather!

The key word here is “official”. For many of us, the huge Lake Dora event starts days if not weeks earlier. In fact in a way, its already begun. With the big countdown we are already headed there in our frozen minds.

FLA 2015 - Don Wave

The Harrisons Trusty Kabbotts Habbit. The boats trusty for the record.

Paul and Karen Harrison are already down there, totally ruining a perfectly good story on if they will break down on the way. Come on. We need stories and that’s always a sure winner. But we must all evolve I suppose.

Glastron 1979

The St Johns River cruise is a crowd favorite for the week before the event

We will be there on Wednesday, so its really around 35 days for us, and  if you add in the drive, 34, and if you take into consideration packing and setting up the drive, 30. So, its even closer. If you have never been. GO! This event is a no brainier. Its all in the water fun, fun low key judging, and everyone is there and pumped up to be doing what they love best.

Dora Canal

Show up early to enjoy all that the area has! The Dora Canal

Hotels are booking up, which is a good sign and says this will be a well attended show. The over 600 members of the Sunnyland Chapter go all out and it shows. Right now we are planning to have a welcome and thank you get together at the train station on Thursday Night.

FLA 2015 Hugh Saint

Rum Runner is always a crowd favorite – BTW, bring your drool cup

This is always just a fun gathering before the storm. Stay tuned for that update. Its going to be more low key than years past. Last years was an open house at the Antique Boat Center in Eustis. By the way, a fantastic place to go visit if you get into town early.

Suzy Donzi6

Bring your spouse, they will have a fantastic time. This may be the only show we say that sort of thing.

Break down2

We will have close out sales on T shirts and new designs.

FAL 2015 Moxie flag

Folks show up from all over the place!


The gang from Tahoe comes with Budwiser! Shhh, they think its a foriegn beer!

8 replies
  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Since I was drinking some Wiggly Bridge small batch whisky last night it kind of feels like it has already begun.

    We leave in just 26 days! Better start packing.

    When we returned from a family trip to Europe for Christmas 1972 my Dad called our neighbor and told him that he brought him back some imported beer. When Dad showed up with a six pack of Bud the neighbor said “That’s not imported.” Dad’s response was “It was over there.” And you wonder why I am a little detached.

  2. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Can’t wait…still working on my boat, i’m sure I will be the night before we leave, isn’t that the way it always is..

  3. Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson says:

    I am considering coming down last minute by aeroplane, is there access to some of the fun stuff if I don’t bring a boat with me? If it helps, I would have my lovely wife with me.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Follow Jim Staibs advice. Get a couple of coolers on wheels, fill with beer and ice and wheel them on to the dock. Be prepared to fend off all of the boat ride offers you will get.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Steve: This will be our third year attending and our first year with a boat. I received some good advise my first year from friends here on WB, and that is “register for the event”. It is a little more expensive than just buying a ticket, but by registering you can also buy into the different events. I highly recommend the Friday picnic, just make sure you arrange a boat ride over before they all leave or you will have to drive over.

      • Steve Anderson
        Steve Anderson says:

        Great advise, everyone! I thank you.

        It’s a fine line between a boater and just another drunk with a cooler. I will have to be sure and wear WoodyBoater gear, so that it is clear.

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