40’s And Heavy Wind!! Cancel? No Way, Fuggedaboutit!

That looks fffffffffun!

We got this report in from Lake Hopatcong. These guys are Jersey strong, or Jersey desperate to squeeze in some fun boating. I am on board with that for sure! Bob Kays photos and no captions, so Its make up my own captions fun! OH HELL YA! Here is the report from Bob, “Have I Got A Calendar For Youz” Kays. We so need a shorter name for Bob..

I sure wood

Since all events are cancelled this season, The Lake Hopatcong gang has extended our cruises to Saturday mornings! This past Saturday mother nature brought us mid 40’s and heavy wind!! Cancel, no way, fuggedaboutit.  Cold fun had by all.

It even looks cold! Yikes

That September low light is amazing

mmm those flag poles look smaller in that cold water?

Keep one eye on the flag.

The leafs are starting to do there thing. Dear god, is 2020 finally gonna end?

Insert un- circumcised joke here? To harsh? To early? Right on the edge. Ya Ya, admit it, you are horrified and laughing at the same time. Ahh come on, really? This isn’t the ACBS, it’s woody boater. We offend everyone! Okay, okay, I will move on. 

The inSaint! 

Love the matching jackets

Smile your on Woody Boater. In a plastic boat, in freezing weather.. Hey at least I didn’t make an un circumcised joke out of your photo.

Summer Breeze becomes Summer Freeze

I can feel that cold spray. EEEEEEEEEE

Oh honey, lets do this again? This would cost me a week of I am sorry’s

Bob Rice frozen to his steering wheel.

Really? Do we have to have this photographer on board? Bob, tell Bob, he needs to stop shooting, I want to go in, Bob! Bob! Your hand, it’s blue. Bob, help Bob. Bob, Bob.. My hand is stuck to my head. Bob.

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  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Love those old Correct Crafts! Dad had this ’66 16′ Mustang, when my husband, brothers & I were in our 20s. Great for skiing & tubing. And fun to drive. But definitely not made for rough water.

  2. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    Am I really The 1st comment of the day. Cooool story, great pictures! There is nothing like boating in cooler temps. to get your blood pumping.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Looks like a good time to me! Sunny and 70’s all week in Michigan. Tiger Lily is getting splashed this morning for a few last gap days of running in Lobdell Lake.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It looks like it is going to warm up for the rest of the week, but we are getting to the time of year where I keep an eye on the forecasts and start having frozen cracked block nightmares!

  5. Serialnumberone
    Serialnumberone says:

    Enjoyed an absolute beautiful afternoon yesterday on beautiful Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas with the wife and daughter in the 69 SuperSport. It was a good day!!! Like you always say, Get out there!

  6. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    Sadly, 2020 has been all-too-full of “last gasps”. Let’s hope we don’t have ours for a long time yet, literally or figuratively. Get out there and boat till the ice begins to form!

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