47 Days! Are You Ready? Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh, And Ahhhhhhhhh.

fun foot2

Matt B and Karen Harrison out for a sun sunrise cruise

Is it us, or has this winter zipped by? Ya we had some crappy snowzilla stuff, and its cold out. But dear lord, Lake Dora is only 47 Days away. You best be getting to your varnish job. And if you are making T shirts for example, You better get on it chop chop. Yikes. So as a public service to the planet, today we announce the official countdown to Lake Dora. Have you made hotel reservations? Are you double checking the ones you made at the Lake view Inn?  A couple tips that we have learned over the years if it helps.

dora watson 20

Have a good camera ready!

  1. The Best Western in Tavares is great, afordable and since a ton of all stay there, always a ride available.
  2. The best places to eat are in Mt Dora. Go by boat and make a fun night of it.
  3. Arrive  as early as you can, Wednesday, Thursday. Heck arrive a week early and go see vintage boat races and cruise the St Johns.

    becky donzi 2

    Bert and Becky out Donzi babying

  4. Bring a boat. This is an out on the water fun event.
  5. Leave Monday if you can. No spring break traffic and a lot calmer of a drive.
  6. Stop by the Antique Boat Center in Eustis. This place is an amazing location for classic boatness.IMG_1279
  7. Bring Shorts, and a sweat shirt and rain slicker.
  8. Leave your work and crap at home, this is about all of us being together, and it will be over so fast you will will wonder if time just speeds up when your having fun.
  9. The Auction is a fun event and sells out. The food at the show is good! Really. ” Chicken On A Stick” is an acquired taste despite all the promotions here.


    Bring Aspirin!

  10. Bring Cash for the best flea market in the hobby. Only Clayton comes close. Bring lots of cash. Folks come with their A Game to the show. Oh, Drive to the show if you can, with a trailer hitch. I have filled our truck to the gills going home many times.

Are you ready? We’re not! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! If you want info on the show, and sign up NOW CLICK HERE.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    My moto this year is Go Early / Stay Late. Leaving the ANE in only 35 days.

    Auction? What auction? Am I missing something?

    PS: Don’t forget the CCABC meeting under the big tent at 1PM Saturday.

      • Troy in ANE
        Troy in ANE says:

        The only thing that beats you “Half Price Sale” is your “No Price Sale”.

        Jim you should try my marketing strategy “Half off Double the Price, every day of the week!”

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          Ha! reminds me of my favorite used car dealer ad. “Half Price Sale!” with pictures of cars with too good to be true prices on the windshields. Then the fine print at the bottom said “The price on the windshield is half of the price you will pay.”

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    1. Made Jaxon reservations at the kennel. Told him it was a “Country Club”.
    2. Got the GPS set on Shrimp R Us in Welaka.
    3. Gas was $1.45 gallon yesterday so extra funds for a good time.
    4. What happens in Florida stays in Florida.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    “4. Bring a boat. This is an out on the water fun event.”

    I would, but I don’t think Southwest’s “bags fly free” policy applies to boats or trailers.

    • Jim Staib
      Jim Staib says:

      After getting Lucky7 ready in all kinds of weather I learned a new strategy. Get a cooler with wheels or the largest one you can carry. Fill it with adult beverages. Walk down the pier with it. Mention “I’ve got a full cooler, Can I ride in your boat”? Way easier than towing a boat 2500 miles.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Jim, That is some excellent advice and way cheaper than my idea of buying a boat in Florida and leaving it at Paul’s place (when he buys one) for the rest of the year.

  5. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    We too are leaving early to cruise the St. johns River prior to the Festival. See ya there, Troy & Jim. We’ll be in Tavares on Thursday to take in all that the Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival has to offer, including the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club Membership Meeting on Saturday at One O’clock. All are welcome! Meet this year’s Directors. Jim, bring that big rolling cooler filled to the brim. We’ll refill it after the meeting.

  6. Terry Fiest
    Terry Fiest says:

    Certainly look forward to seeing everyone at the show. As a reminder, the week before the Sunnyland show is the Classic Race Boat Event (CRA) Mar 11-13. If you have the time, come on down early and watch all the Vintage Race boats work their way around an actual Race Course. There are several classes of Race Boats and the March event usually draws some of the old Un-limited big boys. The Sunnyland show is coming together and promises to be another spectacular event. Travel safe and see you soon—Terry Fiest

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Oh yes….I signed up for full show participation to get creds and all….Troy taught me how…just on the line about what boat you are bringing..put “none”….simple huh?

    Want to support our host the Sunnyland crew.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you.

    and yes….I ‘went boating” TODAY….70 degree in ole Va.

    John in Va.

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Went boating ourselves, sorta, only at the end of a tow. Time to haul and do a bottom assessment. This old gal with 275 hrs has been in the same enclosed boathouse since new, still has the factory plastic on the interior seat cushions.

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Now I know why so many owners of cruisers get so nervous at the end of the season. A successful haul out is where “no mahogany was harmed in this picture” can be posted.

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