5 Days Til Clayton, But The Michigan Gang Already Went? What The?

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The Magic Of Clayton. A Week ago!

We got a fun report from the Michigan ACBS folks regarding a fun trip to Clayton they made last week and we thought, Hey? Why not do a story before the show about the show that another group went to at that show. Ya, that’s a mind bender. Regardless, we have some photos so who really cares on a Monday morning. Here is the report.

Momma mia

We ( The Michigan Chapter Of The ACBS ) spent last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday cruising the Thousand Islands. We had six boats and 17 great people in the group. We stayed in Clayton at the 1000 Island Harbor Hotel for the three days. It was a great place and has a small marina right behind it where we kept our boats while we were there.

The Museum And The National Boat Show exhibit. Marianne Lewandowski of Greg and Marianne fame!

Monday morning was rainy, but we used the time to tour the Antiques Boat Museum. Bud from the museum staff gave our group a personal tour of the entire facility that was greatly enjoyed by all. The skies cleared and we were on the water by 1:00.

Lets GO!

We cruised up to Alexandria Bay for lunch and then went over to Boldt Castle by boat for a couple hours of experiencing one of the most grand structures that I have ever seen.

Photo from Bolt Castle website

The boat house which is across the river is magnificent on its own, but unfortunately with the high water is not currently open for tours.

Yup its Canadian, see the fenders!

Tuesday was a magnificent day with flat water so we headed off to Gananoque, Ontario to cruise some Canadian waters. Unfortunately our day had a setback when the boat drawing the most draft (27 ft. Skiff) found one of those nasty shoals and had to be towed about five miles back to Clayton. We quickly recovered and the remaining boats were off again to a very enjoyable lunch in downtown Gananoque. On the return trip we explored some of the small channels and very picturesque islands which had us at no wake speed due to the water level speed restriction and keeping eyes peeled for those nasty shoals.

Wednesday we had another sunny day and cruised to Singer Castle for another pre-arranged group tour of a historical structure built by the founder of the Singer sewing machine company. We stopped again in Alexandria Bay on our way back for lunch and then pulled the boats in Clayton for their trip home to Michigan.

All of our trips ranged in time from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours one way and fuel was available at towns and marinas along the way. I want to thank Mark Walker form our group for arranging and coordinating the trip and Bud and Diane Ames from the Thousand Islands chapter for being a tremendous source of knowledge and advice that made this adventure such a great experience.

Hale and Anne Walker

This is at the museum and is amazing to see.

Thanks Greg for the story, makes a Monday morning so much better and wanting Friday to happen right now.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We also met one evening with a great group of Thousand Islands chapter folks to talk about their hosting the 2019 ACBS International Show and Meeting. We are looking forward to going back to this fabulous boating area for that event.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I’m assuming they still shut down the whole street in front of the museum for a block and turn it over to vendors, exhibitors, and flea market tents as well as auction boats? Its been 10 yrs since my last visit and my only hesitation is what I’m afraid I’d come back with and that would lead to some marital difficulties I’m sure. Accommodations are not an issue as long as I have a pillow and a vehicle in this instance.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I do remember that the last time I went the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel was under construction (mostly done) but I was assuming it was a condo complex due to its fantastic design features. Their web site pictures show how fantastic this place is, an asset to Clayton for sure.

      • mike gruenauer
        mike gruenauer says:

        they actually reverse engineered it using computers and i understand the plans to build a replica are availible.
        dont know where or how much
        brother tom is source of info. I found this out after spending the weekend at the museum doing announcing for the 50th anniversary of the museum

  4. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Given the elevated water levels on The River right now that shoal they hit was probably an island last year. Prop repair is available locally.

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