A Boat Show Of The Century

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Example of a Classic Century Seamaid – Image Courtesy Robert Miracle Photography

Todays story is to notify everyone in the north eastern Ohio area and beyond of a very special boat show taking place – the 38th Annual Portage Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show, just outside of Akron, Ohio. This year the nice folks at the North Coast Ohio Chapter ACBS will feature the iconic Century brand as the Marque Class boat which is always popular with both spectators and participants alike.

But before we get into the details of the Portage Lakes Show we wanted to share some information from the great North Coast Ohio Chapter website that we think is very cool. On the home page for the Chapter website is the following – Front & Center:

Welcome to the North Coast Ohio Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society!

The North Coast Ohio Chapter (NCO) of the Antique and Classic Boat Society is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of historic watercraft.

– If you are looking to restore an old boat, this is the place.

– If you are wanting to show your restoration, this is the place.

– If you want to buy a finished classic wood boat, this is the place.

– If you want buy a old antique and return it to the days of beauty, this is the place.

– NCO is a storehouse of knowledge when you need help or advice.

– NCO is a meeting place for ideas on how to finish that classic design.

– NCO is an organization of individuals waiting and willing to help you.

– NCO is home to friendly boat people, why not come aboard?

With these folks, you know exactly what they stand for as a local chapter and what they can offer a prospective new member. I think it’s great! – Texx

We received the following Press Release from Bud Long – Vice president of the North Coast Ohio Chapter regarding the upcoming Portage Lakes Show c/w with some images from our Woody Boater archives.

BOAT SHOW updated 5 17

38th Annual Portage Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show

The 38th annual Portage Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show will be held Saturday June 29th from 9:00 till 3:00 at the newly renovated “On Tap at the Harbor” and Nicoletti’s at Park Place restaurants. This very special “Free to the public” event is organized by the North Coast Ohio Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society and is co-sponsored by the Portage Lakes Historical Society. The show has drawn many spectacular vintage boats and thousands of visitors in the past, and this year will be a show of the Century: Century boats that is.

Since 1926 when boating became a reality for the general public Century boats became very popular for their advanced styling, and particularly their speed. This year’s show will feature many Century boats from all around Ohio along with beautifully restored wood and vintage fiberglass watercraft of many manufacturers.

Ray and Rose McFarland of Newton Falls Ohio will bring their recently completed 20’ 1956 Century Coronado. Ray purchased the poorly deteriorated hull in 2000 and began the extensive restoration in 2009 which included nearly all woodwork being replaced a piece at a time. All the gauges, upholstery, chrome pieces, and powerful V-8 Gray marine engine were brought back to better than new condition and kept visually authentic to the last detail. The brilliant white and highly varnished mahogany hull along with the sea-foam light green upholstery and the overloaded chrome make this boat one of the finest examples of the glorious 1950’s days of power, bold styling, and all-American craftsmanship.

Lake Dora Bunch 3 298 - Copy

Nice example of a Classic Century Coronado – Photo by Texx

We are pleased to have a magnificent example of a rare prewar Century shown by Larry and June Prebis. Larry found this barely recognizable 17’ 1942 Century Sea Maid runabout in a farmer’s field near his home in Seville Ohio over 14 years ago. After many attempts to convince the farmer to sell him the boat, Larry finally sealed the deal by replacing a number of rotting windows in the farmer’s house. After that the hard work began to salvage this rare and highly collectable model. Nearly all the wood had to be replaced, an original model engine had to be located and rebuilt, and the extremely hard to find windshield glass and frames took years to find and rebuild. All the research and thousands of hours of work have brought back this magnificent antique Century.

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Example of a Classic Century Seamaid – Image Courtesy Robert Miracle Photography

Last year’s show recognized a beautifully preserved 1950 Century Imperial outboard owned by Terry Egert Jr. as the best Portage Lakes boat and was the recipient of the coveted Ned Mohrman trophy. That Century will again be on display along with others coming from as far as Dayton Ohio.

Another twist to the Century theme of the show is that there will be a 100 year old 17’ B.N. Morris canoe owned by Portage Lakes resident Jerry Welch. This rare and exceptional heirloom is still being used on the lakes and represents the fine American canoes that were so popular at the early part of the 20th century before powerboats came along.


Classic Century Seamaid – Image Courtesy Robert Miracle Photography

This show has more to see than ever with the great new restaurants open for business, nautical gifts for sale, collectable T-shirts and beautiful show posters, and all those gorgeous boats. Don’t miss this event of the Century.

The North Coast Ohio Chapter ACBS

Looks like this one is shaping up to be a great early summer boat show with the classic Century boats heading up the field, along with the many other manufacturers represented as well for the big event. If you are planning to be in the Akron / Portage Lakes area at the end of June, definitely stop by and check out the festivities. Thanks to Bud Long for sharing this information with us today.

For more information on the show, or if you have a boat you would like to bring out for the event, you can contact the North Coast Ohio Chapter’s website by Clicking Here.

Have a great time and send us an update and some photos from the show if you have a chance.


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  1. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    I would love to hear the full story of the Prebis family’s rescure and restoration of the 1942 Century Sea Maid . Over the years I have heard many tales of innovative enticements proffered to pry rotting nautical treasures from the hands of well intentioned owners convinced that they were “goin to to fix that ol thing up some day”, but replacing windows in the owners house… now that’s a novel approach!

  2. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    Texx, you’re right to highlight this chapter, where my wife Wiley and I have been members since we bought Matt’s “Sylvia” just over two years ago. A warmer, more helpful bunch of guys (and mates) you simply can’t imagine.
    That includes the Prebis family, of course…we were around for the launch of that lovely Century, which Larry had showed us as he was putting the finishing touches on the boat. We’ll be sending along the report you requested, as we have the past couple of years.

  3. John Heiderich
    John Heiderich says:

    What are the chances of showing pictures of two different boats taken by two different people at two different times which are owned by one person? Thanks for choosing both.
    1949 Seamaid and my 1956 Coronado.

  4. Texx
    Texx says:

    John – I’m a big fan of these Century Seamaids and for years I have been fascinated by “Ju$t 1 More” – since the first time I saw the boat at Lake Dora in 2011.

    Thanks to our friend Robert Miracle, I have tons of photos of the boat, the cool Grey Marine power with it’s unique side exhaust. Even have some great shots of the boat / exhaust during a cold photo shoot in the south.

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