A Perfect Day In Reedville Virginia


Showing up from Baltimore in a 1960 ish Whirlwind. Perfect

Having been to many shows over the past 9 years of doing Woody Boater has made me somewhat burned out on boat shows by this point in the summer. At least the boat part, the people part is always amazing and is the fuel that keeps me going. There are countless folks I see maybe once or twice a year around the country, and it feels like yesterday. Which is exactly how yesterday felt here in Reedville.


Clifs little 17 and his plastic pal!

The show was around 40 small classic boats, many I had seen before, and some new ones. We had some great folks come up from North Carolina, down from Baltimore and over from Richmond and Fredericksburg. This years Reedville show might be one of the best we have had here in years. The weather was flawlss, and the food sold out around 3 and the beer just kept flowing. Boats got sold that were for sale and rides were taken, and given. And again, the people part did not disappoint.


Jimmy and Patrick helping me set up at the dock

We met a bunch of you Woody Boaters. Alot of you as a matter of fact. Who knew there were so many in our little corner of the world. Heck I even met folks I went to high school with and someone in my neighborhood in DC that also has moved here. Not to mention keeping up with folks I sadly only see at other shows. But always have fun! See. It was a perfect day! And ended with a great steak with my family and no long drive home.


Jimmy Castleberry brought three barn finds, and sold all three by 1 pm. Perfect


Steam, and local built boats. This community loves wood boats in all forms


A cool Lone Star showed up


This Camaro was amazing. All original, original paint, interior. Owner. The couple bought it in 1968 – 327 with a manual 3 speed on the floor. PERFECT



A liitl plastic mixed in with three Whirlwinds!


This amazing.. AMAZING Glen L was brought up from the Norfolk area. Did I say it was amazing. no wait. PERFECT


Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are the perfect dogs for the area. She is from Baltimore and owns the Whirlwind and all our hearts. She palyed in the water the entire time


Yannon was there is all her perfection.


A perfect Wagemaker. Yes there are two in the area. One owned by Eric, this one owned by Erica. Its a fun story for later


The simplicity of Reedville – Perfect!

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Today the world, tomorrow Reedville! And trust me, I had little to do with it. Clif Aimes is the powerhouse behind all this. And the Reedville Fishermans museum staff. Not ACBS BTW.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Matt took some of us for a great ride in his perfect and sea kindly boat….
    Truly, the finest Chris Craft I have even cruised in….and that includes a bunch.

    thanks to all for a great day/time

    John in Va.

  3. Jaxon
    Jaxon says:

    Wish I could have been there! I love a road trip. I’d a peed on something! Maybe next year. My human said something about mowing the lawn.

    • R. Paul Carey
      R. Paul Carey says:

      The 24′ S/L Sunnybank was, in a sense, both the “oldest” and the “newest” participant in the Reedville Show. Completed at Rappahannock Boat Works in 2009, she represents a true example of a small commercial steam launch of the type used in coastal waters in the period c.1895 – 1910.

      Designed for safe operation in open water, she is equipped with a two-cylinder (simple) engine and a condensing system. Her fuel and fresh water capacities permit a cruising range of six hours under normal operating conditions.

      The hull is strip-planked cypress. Decks and other bright areas are mahogany (sustainably harvested). Boiler and engine were new; instruments and other accessories were from the period and reconditioned for service. Steam valves and fittings are all old-stock commercial grade – steam rated, of course.

      R. Paul Carey, Reedville, VA

      • floyd r turbo
        floyd r turbo says:

        Thanks Paul, that would make a great story for w/b with pictures and video link steaming up. Thanks for responding.

  4. Erica
    Erica says:

    Thanks for highlighting my 1955 Wagemaker Wolverine! I met EricZ at Wings, Wheels & Keels, sweet boat. See ya next year 😉

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