ACBS Announces A Very Special New Annual Award. The Terry Fiest Award.


Terry receives a standing ovation

For over 27 years Terry has been dedicated to making the Sunnyland Lake Dora event making it one of the most important events of the year for the classic boating community. Actually becoming the official opening of the season.
I rode around with Terry this year for a short bit, and holy crap, this poor guy cant travel 5 ft without some sort of question. And he handles it all like they are the only ones asking. WOW. I am in awwwwww. Makes me feel like a lazy blob. That is leadership, we all would walk through a burning pile of Mahogany for him.

Terry holding back emotion. Or sleeping. Hey.. I didnt get a caption so in Woody Boater tradition, I get to make up the story. Please Terry dont come over and hit me.. Thats an Oscar joke.. I am just going to move on now.

Okay, this is Terry Sleeping as a reference. Algonac..

The award was handed out and announced at the Saturday Night event, and the crowd went nuts with a huge standing ovation. Terry holding back tears and just shocked. Terry is a very humble guy, and inspires us all to do our best for all. Thank you Terry for that. Your leadership has shaped the the way we all work together. Below is some official language from the chapter on how the award will be done.

The real award goes to Bobbi his far better half, who is an amazing bedrock of support to Terry. I know this first hand. Its never a solo job, it takes a Village, and a strong partner. This was a special gift given to Terry and Bobbi at the event of one of Terrys Stan Craft.

The annual Terry Fiest award will serve to recognize the dedication, leadership, and vision shown by the various individual Chapter members serving as show chairpersons, or Judges or simply volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding sustained performance. For so many Chapters, their annual show is their premier event, and as such, the economic engine of those Chapters.

Terry and Fiesty, a special Cobra named after him by Katz’s marina.

Terry today we all honor your dedication, passion and leadership with a world wide standing ovation. Here is to you and Bobbi. THANKYOU!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Congratulations Terry. Having chaired the Algonac show for several years I can appreciate what it takes to do that job. To chair the Lake Dora event in such an outstanding way for 27 years is amazing!

    • Diana Leighton
      Diana Leighton says:

      Hope you got home safely Jim. Yup Florida weather was sure awesome to enjoy for a week. The boat show was great. Loved seeing friends and having a blast with laughs and good times. Mike and I flew back Tuesday…thank goodness because tornado going through Midwest just 12 hours later. Great seeing you Jim….oh and Gary too, ha!

  2. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    Well deserved, congratulations Terry. Some people are bigger than life and he is one example. But you can’t do it without tremendous cooperation from your volunteers and key committee’s chairman and city/county staff. This year’s show must have been particularly difficult with this restart not to mention time lost on Covid-19 start stops. I especially want to thank Bruce and his staff at the launch ramp for getting a customer’s boat promptly pulled when they had issues with a leaking rudder shaft and Riley for his cooperation helping me get further assistance. People need to be recognized for their kind and prompt handling of a situation. When you have $$$ tied up in in these beauties, it’s comforting to know the volunteers are there for you. 👍👏🍻 Cheers to them and Terry.


    Congratulations Terry and Bobbie, I also chaired the Algonac show for a few years and know that it is pretty much a full time job for most of the year, I can’t even imagine doing it for 27 years…………..JUST WOW…….THANKS !!

  4. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    AND the show wouldn’t be what it is without the participation of vendors and boat owners who spend big $$$ to get there. Thank you gang. My son and I will each be making personal contributions to the municipalities of Howe-in-the-Hills, Fl and Gifford, SC for their enforcement of the 35 mph, don’t blink or you’ll miss it zone. 😢. I’d much rather support the blue with a direct payment to their organization.

  5. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    Terry Fiest, wow were does one start to describe this guy. War hero, helicopter pilot, car and boat restorer, chief judge at several boat shows. Show organizer/chairman. You get the picture, a very accomplished Man. O and did I mention he is one of my closest friends and all around nice Man. We all love you Terry.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    I have never met Terry. But I feel like I know him, from all the pictures and, good things that I have heard about him here on WB over the years. Especially the good things said this morning. I do know that you don’t get an award like that named after you unless you have earned it. Congratulations Terry!!

  7. Rivaguru
    Rivaguru says:

    Mr. Terry Fiest: One of the very few people that I would follow into a fire without question, and an inspiration as an effective leader. Thank You and Congratulations Terry!

  8. Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers says:

    Congratulations Terry! This award couldn’t have gone to a more worthy and deserving guy. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do in furthering the mission and vision of the ACBS, as well as the entire vintage boat hobby. Well done.

  9. Terry Fiest
    Terry Fiest says:

    Great comments from Great people!!—–I have always said that this hobby is about people doing good things. The Boat is the commonality and the glue that ties us all together.
    Its a pleasure to be part of this community and I sincerely appreciate all the kind words.
    I have often said that the distance between the possible and the impossible is a measurement of man’s will and desire. I have truly enjoyed this hobby and the great friends I have made.
    Thanks again for the great support—Terry

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