ACBS Has Their Awards… We Have Ours.. The Woody Boater International Show Awards….

What an amazing show.. The 2010 ACBS International Show is now in the history books. It was the largest turnout show in the ACBS history, and one of the best run.. Boats were brought out at a clip of 1 per every 3 minutes.. The location.. spectacular, and our hosts.. beyond gracious.. The awards ceremony was free from any controversy and despite what we all thought would be a judging nightmare.. It all came of well. I would in a million years not wanted to be a judge at this show.. Each boat at the show could have won best of show at any other show.. And many had already.. But.. in Woody Boater tradition we get to make up our own… So… without further adooooo…..Drum roll please…

The Piss Off The Neighbors Award.. I want to own this boat for one reason.. To be able to start it on a Sunday morning.. It will wake up the entire river and when they see the boat, there isn’t a guy on the planet that wont say.. OK, that’s OK.. Crank it up… This boat started and the dock vibrated.. It was amazing..

Best Use Of A Blanket Award

The Coolest Motor Award From The Dock.. This engine was magnificent.. It was a beacon of metal in a sea of wood..

The Nick Name Award / Conversation Starter Award… Some of the favorites.. A Chris Quack, Art Ducko, A Foul Weather Boat… The list went on.. It was a masterpiece of Wood working skills.. 

Best Photo Op Award.. You will never in your lifetime see these two Garwood boats together again.. And they are the only 2 left that we know about.. Both award winners and owned by very nice folks..Dick and Linda Kish with Misty Morning and Paul and Karen Harrison with End Of The Line

The Elvis Jump Suit Award.. Bold, and courageous.. It was also the award winner of The I don’t have any dirty muddy kids anymore award.. And a runner up for the Clorox Award..

The nicest color combo award. The floors on Lush Life matched perfectly with the seats and the third seat change was perfect…The stains used were also very nice.. This entire boat just spoke to me..

The I Love Pink and I am OK with that award..Not that there is anything wrong with that.. I loved this boat, the ski’s inside were PERFECT.. It had all the right stuff

Best Transom Award.. Never mind the boat.. It’s only a very rare Higgins restored to pure magnificence.. Never mind that the owners are massive contributors to the hobby. Never mind that the boat is maintained to perfection.. Just look at the legs on that transom!

The I would Go Insane Award... Black Beauty.. This boat is beyond perfection and beyond words.. Everything sparkles on this boat, including the family that owns it.. This Futura as the top cruiser that I have ever seen..

The Awwwww Crap I Just Wasted a Fortune Restoring My Boat Award…. So imagine that you just spent 3 years and $300,000 restoring your boat, You drag it to the show, just counting your chickens, having already cleaned up the shelf for your new award from the ACBS.. And this shows up.. Yup, this boat is proof that no matter how nice your boat is, there is always a nicer one.. Lockpat II is that boat that no matter where it shows up.. is the better boat..

More Lockpat II , Even the fasteners are award worthy..

Best Theme Award, this little boat was over the top from Mays Craft, and the details are whimsical and masterfully done all at the same time..

Best Use of your Retirement time award..
Best display award.. A trailer with a trailer.. Yes, and from Hagerty Marine Insurance.. That’s so Michigan…

The Rain Or Shine Award.. I still am not sure which one to hand out..

The Best Dash Award.. Hornet, simple and beastly..

The in case You Missed it Award.. Hornet again.. Tucked away on the field in the back, One of the coolest boats around..

The It’s A Lake Michigan Thing Award.. At least there isn’t a big duck head on it.. This boat actually has a great history and folks from around the area love this thing..

The Spectator Sport Award – Goes to the boat launch.. Shhh don’t tell anyone, but the most fun part of the event is watching the boats go up and down on the ramp..

The Now I Get It Award.. Launches.. Wow, what cool boats… Here with Don Danenberg pointing out the correct screw to be used on the upper part of the inner support plank on the third hole to the right.. The second screw is a different screw ……..

The Coolest Motor from 1 inch away award.. Dear god.. If I had seen this before i would have invested in Brasso stock.. This Continental 115 HP motor is perfect and amazing, On a boat Called Beemer, From The Metior Motor Car Co.

The Freddy Kruger Award, or please be careful next to the boat award..

The Alternative Fuel Award.. Jim Shapton From Vintage out board motors.. You can buy these, we will be doing a story on them later..
The Just Got Out Of There In The Nick Of Time Award.. Goes to me! It was spring when the show started and fall when it was over..
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  1. Chad
    Chad says:

    My mind is still reeling after that show. Wow!!!

    The "BFD" boat, as I referred to it, was quite a spectacle. It was one of my daughter's favorites. I preferred the boats without a 300lb duck head screwed to the deck.

    You left too soon, Sunday was the best day of the week. Not a cloud in the sky and the temps reached 75 degrees.

    Last night I dreamed I took MY DARLING out for a little spin. Matt, you were water-skiing behind holding a WoodyBoater banner.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Are you telling me that they pulled that enclosed trailer behind the boat trailer. Do all the states allow that? Now I don't have to decide which of my two boats to take.

  3. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    No, they were separate, but I swear in Michigan the double trailer deal on truck sseems all over the place. I saw a Fed Ex truck with three trailers..

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