Algonac Countdown – 15 Days

Algonac Gar Wood

Gar Wood says come on up here! The waters great

Just 15 days from today we will be basking in the glory of the tower of varnish power in Algonac. The statue of Christopher Smith and Gar Wood, and close to 100 boats are expected from all over the country. Special one of a kind boats are being brought by Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service, and the Ladonne’s of YNOT Yachts. You may recall Arron Ladonne and there amazing Donzis and Eulipion featured many times on Woody Boater.


The Ladonnes amazing Red and White Express. photo Texx, Mt Dora.

The big shots from Antique Boat Center will be there. Some amazing cruisers and other cool stuff thats right at home at the home of power boating. The best part is that the entire town, entire area is the show.

algonac 15

The water is amazing,mixed all together with big tankers and old water front homes

It’s the perfect setting for your classic boat. Its all there, all the history, the old homes in all the original photos. All that’s missing!

Smith Skiff

The run on the St Clair is like boating in heaven.

For more info on the Michigan gang, Click Here

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  1. Greg Lewandowskk
    Greg Lewandowskk says:

    Thanks for the reminder Matt. I almost forgot it is just about here! Our 30th anniversary show is gearing up to be one of the best ever. The forecast is for sunny, 75F and calm, so that is all set. The water level is about 6 in. above normal, so the on water events should be fun navigation. Livish WoodyBoater reporting will be happening all weekend. Hook up the woody and come join us for the fun. WooHoo!!!

    • Scott K
      Scott K says:

      We are so excited about this, we dropped our XK in Algonac a month ago!! Hopefully it’ll be running right so we can bring it out and have some fiberglass fun (hint-hint Wayne :)…you need to fix yours too). This will be our first show.
      Hope to meet many of you there.

      • Pat Chaps
        Pat Chaps says:


        I’m handling the registrations for the Algonac Show.
        Did you send in a registration?
        I haven’t received one for an XK.

        Pat Chaps

  2. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    I’m planning on being there Greg! No boat to bring yet – still working on it – but can’t miss this terrific show! So glad it’s back at Pete’s place again!

  3. Ann Guldemond
    Ann Guldemond says:

    We will have a former Chris Craft employee willing to talk about his job there, Matt. He might have some good stories for you.

  4. Ron Yatch
    Ron Yatch says:

    That is a Summer Boating Paradise for sure….. Watch out for those Fish Flies though. We used to take our Chris Holiday to that show. Great Cruising Waters ……

  5. Roy Schoenherr
    Roy Schoenherr says:

    We should organize a Friday evening cruise (west) down the North Channel to watch an Anchor Bay Sunset.
    Key West has nothing on us here in Algonac!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      Or cruise over to the Clinton River to see more boats docked per square mile, than any where on earth…

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