And The Sunnyland 2011 Winners Are…

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Woody Gal and her tasty Chris -Craft out on the lake for a fun run.Winner of the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Clubs "Best Chris - Craft " Award.

The "Thank God I Did Not Go On That Trip " Award. The gang soaked on the trip on Monday. note the stylish plastic trash bag coats.. Its all the rage in Paris... In the dumpster district.

The Throne . Ya felt like a king in it and looked like a 12 year old.. parked next to the Thayer IV and got more attention.. What a hoot

My Old pal Seth Award, goes to Seth Katz of Katz's marina.. See if I pal up to him he may give me the secret to that killer finish he does on his boats. I can not say it enough. They are insane. Just ask Alex...

The I Did not know there were even boats over there award. Goes to pat harris and his very well done trailer queen Glaspar.

The "Oh Solo Mia Award" goes to Chris Schmaltz from Hagerty insurance for trying anything to get folks to notice them and the , "I did not know there were boats over there corner of the show". What great folks that have a great sense of humor and make the shows fun.

The "Oh My God i Have To Do What?" Award Goes to..Alex Kays pictured on the right side from Katz's Marina who had to across the entire show 4 or 5 times a day to fill a bucket of water to keep the amazing boats clean in the tent. You had to be there to see it, these boats are beyond perfect.. Insane perfect.. no really.. .

The "Dick Hickman " Award goes to Dick Hickman for embodying the spirit of Dick Hickman..It's like he is him..More on that with our new feature. " The Woody Boater Full Throttle Interview"

The ... wait, i cant crack a joke about this boat. Its in an entirely different league. I am embarrassed to even drag it down to my ground floor level. Its amazing to just be close to it. Miss America IX

The " I Had No Idea These boats Were So Cool Award" Goes to "Old paint. One very cool Red and White Chris Craft Express.. Banjo wheel, blue gages.. Wow. The star of the show in my mind. And not a lick of varnish.. mmm licking varnish... OK thats just strange.. Thanks Jim for bringing her from Texas..

The I could not do it myself award goes to .. From left to right, Starting with the back of the head of the Boatress.tossing a yea yea wave..... Kim Kadimik from Lake Hopatcong Boatworks, Angilla Baccus and Don Ayers from the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, Marty Feletto from Tahoe, home of Sierra Boat Company the host of this years big Tahoe show.. Alex Watson from Michigan, Mike Mayer From ? Portland and New York.. Our Amsazing Hosts karen and Paul Harrison, and John Kadimik from Lake Hopatcong. Not pictured Texx, and jimmy Scott who helped at the tent and made it all possible.

The Dick Kish Award... Goes to Dick Kish. The sunglasses are because of TMZ being around. They have been hounding him ever since Misty Morning was complete.

Texx's Camera, which got worn out shooting, and Mike Mayer for shooting Texx's Camera being shot by Texx, of the Classic Boating magazine shoot being shot by Classic Boating.

Pumpkin.... I love this boat, it makes me smile each time I see it.. OK I have only seen it in person once... and i was smiling..Arrrrg

The incredible shrinking Wilson Wright.. I swear he was bigger last year!

Texx.... He would wake up at 6AM go volunteer, then walk around and shoot photos, help , then help kids, then shoot, then sit, apply sun screen, shoot... Eat, socialize...and then work til 3AM trying to get a story out. Then up again. That is not the throne, its a normal chair.. its just that there was nothing left of Texx but a charcoal bricket by the end of the show. Our Hats off to Texx... Even though he is wearing one.

The Thanks God My Wife Loved it Award. Goes to the Canal Cruise for making a fun day for the gang!

The I cant believe she puts up with my bad joke fat lard ass award goes to the Woody Boatress.. Who still was smiling when we got home.

Rejuvenation Woodworks gets an award for just having the coolest workshop on the planet.. And giving me an award for Thayer IV.. I can be bribed

The Feathercraft for Chad Award.. Why, because Chad asked for a Feathercraft shot "

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  1. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    There should have been a warning in the title to not read this in public. I am spewing coffee all over the place laughing like a little girl. I can’t stop. Nice work on the awards. Love that big chair. Glad I didn’t sit in it! HA!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Can we get some independent verification that the attractive young lady in the picture with you is in fact your wife and not some model hired for a photo shoot.

    • matt
      matt says:

      It would have been cheaper to hire someone. Trust me.. I am a very.. VERY lucky man.. 25 years this year.. She married me thin, I married her, well because she is amazing. God I hope she reads this. I need the points..

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    Will Wilson be able to drive one of those radio controlled Chris Craft’s next year??? Don’t leave him out in the rain for god’s sake!!!!

  4. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    The cool thing about the Big Chair is that it has enough drink holders for an entire 6-pack and allows equal exercise of both elbows in one sitting.

    Wilson, you look like a kid again.

  5. Pat Curtin
    Pat Curtin says:

    Well Matt you missed a few awards, so let me tell you what they are!
    First let me say that I am replacing the letter S with a dollar sign $ just like Ken Miller did on his last few comments. And the awards are:
    THE A$$ HOLE OF THE YEAR AWARD and the winner is Ken Miller going away!!!
    Let me tell you why he won this award
    First – He has said that you ,Frank and myself are dishonest and lied about the boats. He is now claiming that we are making up a fifth Thayer IV. The only thing I know that is a five is that Ken’s IQ is five points bellow a geranium!
    Second – Ken claims to be THE EXPERT on the movie and even wrote a story about it for the brass bell of course many things were wrong.
    When it comes to the movie On Golden Pond, Ken doesn’t know his A$$ FROM HIS ELBOW and that’s a fact!
    Third – Ken thinks he knows every boat that we got for the movie, well for the first time ever I will list them and then Ken can be an expert on them too!
    Thayer IV – main picture boat 1460 – spare picture boat 1802 – crash boat – spare crash boat – the spare crash boat was sold to Phil Spencer from New Hampshire with the agreement that the name Thayer IV never go on it!
    I sold that boat to Phil around 1983 and have no idea what happened to it!
    Three Grumman canoes- two 15ft and one 13ft not one canoe Ken!
    The two 15ft canoes were used in the movie and the 13ft was never used. After the movie I got one of the 15ft canoes and the other one went to LA The 13ft went to Hepburn and guess what Ken a famous guy from Las Vegas bought it from Hepburn’s estate for I believe 14K! That sounds like another boat we know of.
    Mail boat – only one Ken – The shooting company didn’t want to spend the money for a second boat because it was only in a few scenes!
    But Ken, here is the real nut cracker, there were two mail men!!!!
    The first mail man was named Charles Hallahan, real nice guy, but Hepburn didn’t like him so he was gone. Charlie was in many movies later but died of a heart attack in 1997.
    The other mail man was Hepburns favorite and his name was William Lanteau. He is the one in the movie. He died in 1993 I believe from aids
    The green outboard – only one – it was a Mansfield
    Paddle boat – one – never used in the movie!
    Fiberglass century in canoe scene – only one – belonged to one of my boat drivers who worked on the movie. He let us use it for the scene.
    Well Ken I could go on an on about you but I have one more award to give out!
    We have three contenders for this award!
    First of course is Ken Miller, running a strong race for first!
    Second is a little guy named Wilson. He wrote all kinds of articles about 1802 so I am sure he isn’t happy that I found 1460 and screwed up his stories.
    Matt, you can thank this little guy Wilson, because if he didn’t make that stupid statement on boat buzz about THE ELUSIVE PAT CURTIN, I wouldn’t have found the picture boat 1460 or the mail boat for you! Matt I think that this little guy Wilson may go by other names like Alex R or anonymus but time will tell.
    The third guy for this award is from Minnesota and he made some wonderful statements and here are a few:
    I don’t have any need to talk to Pat Curtin because he had nothing to do with the boats after the sale of them!
    Second statement on changing the steering wheel from a two spoke to a tree spoke was ” we just wanted to bring the boat back to original ” No trying to fool anybody on changing the wheel
    Well Matt this award could be a tie, I will let you decide!
    Here is some good news for you Matt, I am done with this Golden Pond crap and I will never bother posting a comment on this website again!
    You own the picture boat and mail boat now so you can listen to all the bull $hit from all the experts now!
    My comment is if you don’t like what I said, you don’t have to read it!!!
    Pat Curtin

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      I’ve seen pictures of the Woody Award but I can only imagine what the “I TALK THRU MY A$$ AWARD” looks like. I guess it’s too late for me to tick off Pat and get one for myself. Darn!

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    I can only hope that no young children or sponsors will read these comments. This subject is becoming a Cancer that is infecting the entire Woody Boater site which appears to have no cure…

  7. matt
    matt says:

    I am thinking. This clearly runs into the personal area and thus I am contemplating. I do like the creative use of the $ though.. It does get point s for that. I personally would hope that My A$$ produced cash.. I certainly spent a crap load this past week.

  8. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I think everyone who frequents this site, except Pat Curtin, had obviously moved past this and onto the more important and tactile aspects of our hobby. Like using our boats, going to shows and having fun. Fun is something that just might be in short supply in the world of one old crank anyway.

    Texx is right, and I think the absence of other related comments on the topic verifies that we have all moved on. My only hope is that Curtin honors his pledge to never make another post to the site, at least on anything related to OGP boats.

    Can you just call it over, Matt? You are the cure….you own this site after all.

    Loved all of this story until that last diatribe, though.

  9. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    As I sat down with my coffee early this morning and read today’s other blog entry about Hagerty’s childrens’ judging program, I began to remember the real dividends of antique wooden boat clubs and other generous organizations. I contemplated all day that not only were the rants of bombastic insignificants far and away from the heart of the hobby, they actually diminish the spirit. And for any part I had in that, I apologize.

    I thank Mr. Curtin for finally stipulating how many and which boats were used during production of the film. I think between his warm thoughts above and those from an earlier post where he also described the boats used we have a (hopefully) complete understanding of the provenance of each craft and where each ultimately went. And it only took weeding through three decades of misinformation via erroneous publications and photographs to get to this point. But Pat you, too, were there posing for the pictures in those publications and claiming 1802 was the real deal. So don’t go too hard on Wilson Wright for his interpretation of what was presented as fact. You should be ashamed to call into question the integrity of valued members of the antique boat community as you have in this and other threads….especially considering the part you played in the subterfuge, but even more so considering the contributions these individuals have made for years and years…..years while you perpetuated a myth for your own financial gain.

    Say what you will about others. “Elusive” is a kind term in consideration of thirty years of deceit and vomit. It has been said that one always knows where one stands with you. That is more likely a euphemistic summation of the many comments I received before I ever contributed the article for the Brass Bell. And, yes, there were mistakes in that article. It is understandable when one peruses through the pages and pages of ephemera, many of which were further aggrandized by yourself. If my small, erroneous contribution to the Brass Bell and Mr. Wilson Wright’s benign comments led to the final realization of the truth, so be it. And Pat, you finally had a part in that, as well. And I thank you for that.

    Ken Miller.

  10. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    Birdhouses. Maybe I’ll just collect birdhouses instead. Wonder if there is a blog for that?

  11. Matt
    Matt says:

    This will be the last of it. I left it to show the complete story on the complete golden pond boats. I did want to do a story on this but pat needed to vent I suppose . I might have left out the $$ part. sorry for the distraction. Now back to boat shaped toilet seats and art!

  12. Dave PIckard
    Dave PIckard says:

    Well i suppose this was like giving birth, (thankfully my wife doesn’t read this!) a lot of pain to get to the end result. I am making a request, Hmm hats, hat pins, occasional babe, some cool restorations (OGP boats I hope) you have a great site with great benefits, we ALL get to participate ! Thanks Matt, Texx and everyone else for their hard work effort and dedicatation

  13. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Maybe you would like to see my collection of wood boats that have never been in a movie. They are pure and unaffected by the bright lights of Hollyweird. Please show me the boats that no one has seen. I have seen the other ones.

  14. Texx
    Texx says:

    Thanks Guys – One of the best things to come out of our recent trip to Lake Dora was the fact that Matt & I actually found 45 minutes get together and do some real “Brain Storming”… Sounds dangerous right? We did it by eating icecream too fast…

    We have a ton of fresh ideas that we want to experiment with and positive stories in the works right now, so stay tuned…

    And yes, we will do a story on antique & classic bird houses of America so you don’t have to leave Woody Boater to start your collection. The title will be “Woody Birder” – Screws or Nails for that perfect concours finish. Bird House Restoration vs Preservation…

  15. Texx
    Texx says:

    I wonder if Feather Craft ever built period correct birdhouses out of aluminum & rivets anodized to look like weathered wood to attract the birds. Chad will know.

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      Can you imagine what a wood pecker could do with an aluminum bird house? (Close call, I re-read before I sent, had a y behind “wood” and it sounded rather off-color).

      • WoodyGal
        WoodyGal says:

        Al, I have been told that the male woodpeckers do all that loud noisy pecking on wood to attract females. I can only imagine the result of pecking on aluminum!

        • Rick
          Rick says:

          In the spring they wake me up in the mornings pecking at bugs in the aluminum rain gutter outside my window!

    • Pumpkin
      Pumpkin says:

      OK! Thanks . . . patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue . . . is his name spelled the same backwards and forward? . . . NO, don’t answer . . . patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue . . .

  16. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Texx, it’s sounds as if you might just be from outer space? Only an alien could keep your schedule. You seem to know a lot about our culture, have you been watching cable?

  17. Scott Ales
    Scott Ales says:

    Can’t there be some kind of consolation award for me freezing my backside off in Wisconsin at the Mecum Tractor auction while ya’ll were having fun in my back yard? 29 degrees, 20 mph winds, full cloud cover and snow! 103 out of 132 tractors sold with 800 registered bidders. Great event even though I froze.

    Here is the good news, we finished plans for the September Antique Boat auction on Lake Geneva. Stay tuned for an official announcement of who will be selling their entire collection! You’ll see it first on Woody Boater of course.

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