ALL WEEK LONG!!!!!! To say I am making this up as I write this is an understatement. But here goes. By the way if Virtual is miss spelled than that’s it from this point forward. I aint looking back. It’s too painful. Like many of you, us, whatever, we are all kinda happy the Sunnyland gang postponed the show. It was the smart and responsible thing to do. And showed that they care for all of our safety as a community. Jokes aside. GOOD WORK.

WHOOHOO! Come on Larry! The waters great!

Now. We here at WoodyBoater are going to not let some little/large/global pandemic stop us. In fact never have we felt more needed. Except all winter long. Okay and on crappy days.. Mondays.. Okay it’s business as usual. So just like our annual Virtual Holiday Party we are gonna do this.


We have been stock piling Chicken On A Stick for years to do this. DO NOT EAT THE CHICKEN ON A STICK.. Now we call it, Green furry Chick on a petrified log.

I can virtually eat all I want!

It’s supposed to be 75 degrees here in Reedville on Friday! So, I am going to go boating, just like I do every year at this time. And if we do this right, many of us will not know the difference. Trust me here. I know you all. And somewhere one of is kinda loosing it and well, will be asking where we all are.


T shirts will be shipped back to our Store to be able to be bought and all profits go to Sunnyland. And we are going to donate 100% of the LAKE DORA SONS shirts to the club to be given to the Gang there for all the hard work. We will all make this happen.

All the way from Washington State. She will be here tomorrow.

We also have some AMAZING Boats showing up. Miss Madison is in route, and Jim Murdock has a special Barn find race boat he just found.


As always send me one or two photos of your boat and become part of the show through out the week. Or if you like and easier, in the comment section. It’s free!

Thats just my bubble I am towing.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to Virtually Drive for 15 hrs. I need to pee already!

John Allen has volunteered to dissemble and rebuild the Gull Lake building and docks for us here in Woodyboaterville.

The Show is 24/7 so come on anytime. Cough and spew all you want. It’s okay in Woodyboaterville

You can touch it.

Any size boat is welcome

And best yet. We are all young and attractive here at this show.

The cast from Gilligan’s Island will be here. COME ON! LETS DO THIS

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  1. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    So is anybody on the road to Tavares, other Troy & Sandy? Jim Staib? That would be frustrating…Good to see Cousin Larry who is fresh as a daisy!

  2. Alan A
    Alan A says:

    Well Cool! Now that it’s a virtual boat show I can actually make it. Not quite ready for the real thing yet.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Its great to see you all here. I just opened a can of varnish and I am in such a happy place right now.

  4. Scott K
    Scott K says:

    Woo Hoo, since this is virtual Sunnyland this means that the Glastron is running!!!

    We’re fogging the Dora canal for ya.

  5. Mark in Ohio ( headed to the show)
    Mark in Ohio ( headed to the show) says:

    I am on my way. In virtuallity I’m still 14. So I can’t drink, unless someone slippes me some.

  6. T- Boy
    T- Boy says:

    Hi to all you lake Dora attendees wether real or virtual ! Here in Minny-no-place we still have a foot of ice & a lite snow falling. We’re keeping the faith !

  7. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    My friends parents have been there waiting for the last 70 years – I notice they never seem to age

  8. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    same pram was my first boat also…name her Cheryl ann…after the tugboat on the early TV show…anyone recall that?
    Troy and Sandi are florida bound and planning to Go Boating…I am heading for a few days on the Chesapeake Going Boating..right now….hey Matt, how about dinner in Reedville…six feet apart…etc. Refused the proffered refund from Sunnyland…they are not at any fault and sure to need the money to cover advance prep.
    John in Va.

  9. Tom
    Tom says:

    Great idea…I’m at the digital boat ramp right now. What is my digital well assignment? Bringing a boat to a show has never been easier

  10. Bill & Linda
    Bill & Linda says:

    On the way as soon as we launch this thing. But we do have to go through the Panama Canal…..might take a while.

  11. Matt
    Matt says:

    Well, they just said that Millennials will save us all… GREAT! Just great, now the entire country NEEDS MORE YOUNG PEOPLE!!!! WTF!

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