Antique Boat America. It's Just Not A Massive Web Site!

My trip up north to the Thousand Islands a couple of weeks ago was just not to go see the show. I wanted to see the area again and experience one of Americas true Woody Boat areas. There are only a handful of these areas left were condos and jet ski’s have not taken over the landscape. One true sign of this is while driving into Clayton is that you pass by several wood boat shops. One of the bigger ones is Antique boat America. Nothing like driving down a highway and seeing a tasty Hacker Craft sitting on the side of the road for sale. Ya gotta stop, and of course I did. I have been to there site a mess of times and met them at Mt Dora. But had yet to see the brick and mortar part of the business. OK it’s, metal and brick.. But the point is, it’s more than just a massive web site of classic boats for sale. It’s a nice space full of varnished dreams. The shot above was taken while a ton of boats were out at the auction by the way. They also put on the auction at the big Clayton show. A fun and well attended event and a mainsaty of the big show. So my hats off to Antique Boat America for helping advance the Antique & Classic Boat Community.