Antique & Classic Boating Images From The 2011 Lake Hartwell Antique Boat Festival – Part 1


The weather for the 2011 Lake Hartwell Antique Boat Festival in South Carolina has been a challenge, with severe thunderstorms moving through the area. But thanks to the hard work of Robert Miracle, we were able to capture some great images of a few antique & classic boats throughout the weekend.

“Ju$t 1 More” is a very nice 1949 17’6″ Century Seamaid owned by John & April Heiderich from Jamestown, IN. This classic blond deck Seamaid is powered by a 160 HP Grey Marine 6 using this rare and unusual dual side exhaust system for increased horsepower. Woody Boater and Robert Miracle have gathered together a number of great images of this boat from Lake Dora and Lake Hartwell, and we are planning to do a feature story on her with the help of John Heiderich later this month – so stay tuned.

Wayne & Alice Forbis brought “Miss Alice II” down from Charlotte, NC for this years Lake Hartwell show.

The classic 1958 18′ Chris-Craft Continental with her distinctive lines and red & white interior looks great gliding across Lake Hartwell.

For any of our regular viewers, you know how impressed we were with the performance and versatility of “Kabot’s Habit” Paul & Karen Harrison’s Chris-Craft Sea Skiff in Florida last month. Here’s another fine example of a timeless Chris-Craft Sea Skiff that’s owned by Terry Harbin & Jerri Nowlen (Terry & Jerri).

“Paramour” is a beautiful 1962 20′ Sea Skiff from Ellijay, Georgia.

Below, an immaculate 1956 AristoCraft Torpedo owned owned by Bill and Gail Turner from Gainesville, Georgia. Gail Turner is currently the Past President of the Antique & Classic Boating Society (ACBS).

Stay tuned for more images from the 2011 Lake Hartwell Antique Boat Festival presented by the nice folks from the ACBS Blue Ridge Chapter.

Antique & classic boat photography provided to Woody Boater by Robert Miracle, Miracle Photography – click here to go to his huge Smugmug Photo gallery which is updated daily during the boat show.


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  1. Woody
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    This is actualy working. Somehow we are reporting from 3 different locations and it’s working! Way to go Texx and robert. You all need to go to every symposium ever put together.

  2. Texx
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    Thanks Matt – I feel like a Long-Haul Truck Driver that’s halfway between Cincinnati and South Carolina. More images to come from Lake Hartwell…

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    Not exactly – Matt’s in Cincinatti & Woody is up at the Cyber Lake on the outskirts of Woodyboaterville.

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    Would have loved to attend being only 3 hours from ther ebut the storms in my area were really bad on Saturday so I didn’t take the chance.

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