As We See Love’s Old Boat’s At Moonlite Bay… Family Restaurant

1929 Sea Lyon 30′ Runabout “Herschel” Owned by Charlie Underbrink

A huge thanks to Reporter Dane Anderson for putting together this great report from Crosslake MN. I always love a great set of photos from Dane, and the entire Minnesota Gang! They sure know how to milk a summer up there. Take it away Dane!

Just like the song–ish

Saturday was the 32nd Annual Whitefish Chain Antique and Classic Wood Boat Rendezvous. Once again our hosts were Bill Terry and Sally Egan from Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant and Bar located in Crosslake MN on the 14,000 acre Whitefish Chain of Lakes. With their army of boat show volunteers they know how to treat their guests starting at the launch ramp which is fully staffed to help participants get their boats safely launched and tow rigs parked for the day.

1962 Gage Hacker 26′ Utility “Devotee” Owned by Charlie Underbrink

When you arrive at the show docks they have white glove wearing dock hands to guide you into your slip. These little touches make it easy to attend this show, especially if you don’t bring your own crew.

1939 Chris Craft 19′ Barrel Back “Torpedo” Owned by Mike Sufka

Miss Muskoka – More info below

This show has always drawn a nice selection of impressive boats. The Whitefish Chain is home to some notable collections and close enough to the Minneapolis area and Gull Lake to draw some interesting boats every year. This year was no exception. The first boat to catch my eye at the docks was Charlie Underbrink’s 1929 Sea Lyon 30′ triple “Herschel”. Powered by a big Sterling 6.

1929 Sea Lyon 30′ Runabout “Herschel” Owned by Charlie Underbrink

Wonderful Lynes!!!!

More Sea Lyon


With a nice large outdoor patio deck perched high above the show docks, it’s a great place to have lunch and a drink and watch the parade of boats cruising through the bay to check out the classic boats on display.


Looking down the docks I spotted the red tail fin of the latest of Del VanEmmerik’s cool, bizarre boats. This 1966 Space Craft looks like it is right out the Jetson’s.


Great idea. This way you don’t have to keep telling the same story. Love all the scratch outs. A true Woody Boater

1966 Space Craft 23′ Runabout “Far Out” Owned by Del VanEmmerik

Spaceship rides!

Fresh out of the restoration shop of Dave Watts Little Rock Boatworks ( NO WEBSITE ) was this 1936 Greavette 23′ Runabout. Miss Muskoka is owned by Bob Shadduck. The hardware on this boat is impressive.


These are amazing boats

Pure art, or art.

1936 Greavette 23′ Dictator “Miss Muskoka” Owned by Bob Shadduck

A pair of 26′ Skiff Crafts. 1987 “Scuffed Keel” on the left and 1994 “Highlander” on the right.

1957 Lyman 22′ Islander Owned by Craig Lindholm

1961 Chris Craft 21′ Continental “Over the Top” Owned by Daryl Konrad

1977 Kayot 24′ Deluxe Commander Owned by Roger Johnson

Here is a time capsule, award winning 1977 Kayot 24 Deluxe Commander. At the conclusion of this show the boats depart and then circle through the bay one at a time for a fly by. There is always a large crowd of spectators to watch and listen to the roar of the engines as the boats come through. The loudest applause, by a lot, was for this Pontoon.


Speaking of awards, here is my submission for a Woody Boater award. The crew in Scuffed Keel.

1987 Skiff Craft 26′ “Scuffed Keel” Owned by Coral and Reid Price

This 26′ Skiff Craft was entered by Coral and Reid Price. They named the boat after an experience they had sailing a charter in Lake Superior when they ran aground and scuffed the keel on the sailing boat. Laughing about their misfortune they discovered that everyone had a boating mishap story to tell and the Scuffed Keel Yacht Club was born. They had a vendors tent at the show selling clothing, hats and flags. And they have a website. “If you’re a member…You’ve already paid your dues”

“Maid N ’47” Bob House and his 1947 Sea Maid

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    • Rabbit
      Rabbit says:

      We do it right in Minnesota. Dane’s photos and dedication to the hobby are unmatched. Thank you!

      And how about that pontoon! A work of art.

  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Great report Dane, thanks for sharing some of Minnesota’s finest classic boats. Del VanEmmerik always has a few surprises up his sleeve – love the One-of-One 1966 Space Craft! – Texx

  2. Duster
    Duster says:

    Really enjoyed the pictures thanks Dane and Matt. Wow how cool is that ‘Spacecraft ‘?! I would love to see one of those up close. Love the CC Continental too. What a spectacular design.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Great Story and pictures Dane. I never thought I would see a restored Pontoon Boat in a boat show, and on Woody Boater?

  4. Dean
    Dean says:

    Love Miss Muskoka! Each piece of hardware is a piece of art. Thanks Dane for the coverage and amazing photos.

  5. Mo Sherrill
    Mo Sherrill says:

    Loved seeing “Herschel” the 30′ Sea Lion beauty. The last time I saw one of those was in 1966 at the marina on the Genesee River (can’t remember that name of the marina). But I do remember the big Sea Lion sitting their yard waiting to be bulldozed into the ground with the original Hall-Scott Invader engine sitting the engine compartment! At that time I was just a handful of people at all interested in old wooden boats and at the tender age of 30 with no money, I couldn’t do anything except see this tragedy happen. I loved that boat but no one I talked to was interested in taking on this “relic,” now that fiberglass was the “way to go.” Of course, as time went by these big runabouts were hard to find because they were disappearing into their graves as marinas just couldn’t let rid of them. My how times have changed!! Thanks for jogging my memory with these beautiful Sea Lion pictures. And yes, that looks like a Hall-Scott Invader in the engine compartment!!

  6. BT
    BT says:

    Great coverage of our fun show!! And Dane didn’t even touch on our brats, drink specials, or our Friday night captains dinner for 65 people. Mark you calendars for next year 6-20-2020

  7. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks Dane!

    Definitely a member of the SKYC, I think I will have to buy one of those burgees.

  8. Royce Humphreys
    Royce Humphreys says:

    Thanks for the great pictures and reporting from Dane! Hope to attend next year at Moonlight Bay! See you all on Gull Lake at the Bar Harbor show in August!

  9. judy Madigan
    judy Madigan says:

    Thank you Dane for over three decades of great photos covering the Whitefish Boat Show. . . you are truly the historian of this special show!

    Very thankful to the Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant & Bar and John Collier for the special tribute to my husband Dennis Madigan. I enjoyed meeting the many new Skippers and renewing friendships with friends from past shows. Another great show with the Moonlite Bay “Family” on beautiful Cross Lake, MN. Very special weekend!

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