Big Crowds, Big Winds, Big Time Fun.

It’s getting to be that time. 15hr drive ahead and I have seen every item 6 times. A library of 300 shots and some incredible memories. We handed out 25 custom 1 time woodyboater shirts, and ate a years worth of chicken on a stick. The crowds were just as large as last year today, yesterday, smaller. Many boats did not go in the water due to high winds. Some were even damaged. But as a whole one amazing event. I am sorry to say “gotta go” Tomorrow. Best of show awards. Best food item, best boat, best story….. Best dressed… I think we already know that one….Black socks are in these days again…. Wooohoooo!

See you later. Booohoooo!
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    That is what you have to do. Leave them wanting more with a little teaser. Thankyou for the pics and I look foward to seeing the rest over time. Have a safe trip home. ps Is the orange Riva behind you?

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