Big Woody Best Of Shows. Tavares Florida ACBS Boat Show.

Best use of technology. Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. This became the Wifi area and charging station for countless phones. As well as down loading images.
Best New Idea, Segways. What a great idea.
Most aggravating moment. The weather. Dang I wanted a ride on this boat. I was invited and never could get to it. Dang dang dang!
Best interior. Hands down goes to all the Rivas. but Don Ayers takes the cake. I dig those pom poms..
Best old graphics. Don’t touch a thing!
Best Dressed. Black socks are back in. I was wondering when my dad would be back in fashion…I think this is my favorite shot of the week.
Best use of skin to sell a product. Hagerty Insurance
Best set up and boat of the show. This is what a show is all about. Staging, and telling a story. It’s like Craig Hartwig just pulled up from the 1942..That a very rare 16 foot Hydro barn find.
The Rub Goldberg award. Don’t know who Rub Goldberg was…do ya?
The I don’t care if you do a story on me award. After informing the guy running the New GarWood tent that I had given him an ad and would like to take some shots for the site. I got an OK and this. It was only later that I realized the body language…I am still laughing..
The jaw dropper award. This boat was here last year and still my heart skips a beat when I see it. It’s strange to see it here. It makes everything else look like.. well, boats. This is art! It’s also not on my trailer hitch.. I needed a bigger transmission.. ya that’s the reason.
Biggest balls award. Jesus, what did it take to go for this…I have heard of this on the Century Arabians. But never seen it. Amazing. The finished product is amazing. Way to go!
Best fins… Not Best looking by the way!
Best food. The first time… Ok the second… The third not so much.. maybe I will be ready .. in a year ..
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Nice boat shots. I know you are saving alot of pictures for later, so I wait in anticipation. For the time being that is as close to the water and other boats I am going to get. thanks for your dedication and hard work.

  2. mpb
    mpb says:


    Thanks for the t-shirt, I planned on catching up with you on Sunday but everyone went home!

    Matt Byrne

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    T-shirts? I heard about those but never saw one. What do I have to do to get one? Good to meet you at Dora. Keep up the good work!

    Woody Gal

  4. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Ha, Yes there were t shirts. Each year for The lake Dora we make 25 t shirts and give them away as thanks for reading and commenting. What i did not realize was how many folks this year would be there. I went through all 25 in one day! So we are looking into creating more and offering them up to readers at cost. Stay tuned

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