Blue Arabian and 1942 Chris Craft Barrel Back Sweep Lake Hopatcong Show.

blue arabian

From Photo shoot today, Phil driving and Jara from Katzs out riding. Who knew they would be the big winners?

What a night for the Katzs Marina gang. The huge news is that the Amazing Blue Araban won everything it could, 1st place Runabout, Best Runabout, Best Preserved Of Show, and Best Century, and while they were at it, Longest Distance. Phil Andrew and his Arabian are off and running. The sad news is that the boat is leaving the US in about a month or two. So, sorry, if you were not here, that was it. To say this Arabian is stunning and a huge show disruptor is an understatement. Also a huge winner was Jara Werner and her amazing 1942 Chris Craft barrel back. Best Runabout Restored, Best Chris Craft, Best in Show restored. Simply amazing with an amazing interior and Katzs finish. We will have pictures later.


The two boats this morning ready to go to the show.

Right now we are still going through a gillian photos so stay tuned this week for amazing Blue Arabian shots and the complete list of Lake Hopatcong Show winners.



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  1. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    If the Arabian got “Best Preserved” and the Chris got “Best Restored” – this venue might be a great place to go point by point on what it took to bring both boats back to show condition and what the difference is. They’re both “stunners”.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the “boat Daddies” out there. May your wallets live forever.

  2. tom gibbons
    tom gibbons says:

    the arabian-best preserved?didn’t it just go thru a “restoration”over the past year or so?i thought thats what i read somewhere .

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