Boats At The Barns, Biggest Year Ever.

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Chuck Nagy from the Gilmore Car Museum.. A car show with a hitch… A boat attached. This year marks the biggest year ever. Here are some shots from the show, it looks like it was a ton.. couple tons to be exact of fun. And since Chuck did not send along captions. I get to make up my own.. Woohooo…

Best matching trailer green to bottom green award

Runner up to trailer and bottom award.. Actually there was a debate. This is real 24 kt gold.. really

Seams… Best seams award goes to Flyer 9

And the Kimmy-Sue award goes to.. Hey, wait a minute… I smell a suck up..

Green boat bottom, white trailer, blue car… mmmmm a fashion no no

And its for sale…

Nice trailer bottom combo.. third place
Best trailer fender award. Dude, you could just have brought the trailer. The boat is killer though.. Nice use of fasteners..

Best tug boat award.. Dang, thats how to collect trophies..

Fins.. Fins Fins.. Its red white and blue. Best flag waver award..


< /td>

Best in a trailer award..Ahhhh sunlight! It’s burning.. Ahhhhhhh

Its three meanings in one name.. Fleet, like fleet of boats, Wood.. I get that, and Mac.. Or is it a Fleetwood, like a caddy, and the guys name is Mac, or hey Mac, its a fleetwood. Or is it Fleetwood Mac, like the music.. Oh dear…

Best use of shade trees in a display
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What??? No award for nice PennYan lapstreak on beat up trailer…that still has it's baby moon hubcaps????

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It never hurts to include a little sex education at these shows. How thoughtful of the museum. For those who haven't figured out what "causes" that "effect" yet, here's an example, very tastefully presented. It's all part of developing "Youth" for the future of Antique & Classic Woody Boating.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Fun captions! Maybe you could do a semi-regular caption contest? (Although yours would be hard to beat.)

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