Boats, Boats, Boats – Images From The Popular And Successful 2012 Lake Dora Boat Show

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The popular Lake Dora boat show in Tavares, Florida was another huge success this year with great weather, great attendance, great organization, great volunteers and of course lots of beautiful antique & classic boats on display – on the water, at the docks and on land. And once again, Woody Boater Hessel Correspondent Alex Watson shared some more of his fresh images from Lake Dora with us, so we could share them with you.

“Rum Runner” (above & below) was a crowd favorite again this year and spent lots of time throughout the weekend taking folks for boat rides out on Lake Dora.

A very nice Lyman, not sure of the year or model, but our Lyman fans will surely be able to tell us in the comment section… (that was a challenge by the way)

A classic boat with a classic outboard out on the water where it belongs – not tied up at the dock. We have just decided that today is another “Viewer Participation Day” – Can you identify that outboard?

This shot is not for the birds, it’s for a cool Gar Wood Gentelman’s Runabout – again, skimming across the lake full of folks, having fun experiencing some classic boating at it’s best!

On Saturday afternoon – There was so much going on out on the lake that it was almost standing room only back at the dock, with spectators trying to get a glimpse of the action… Fellow Woody Boater Chris Wise from Florida (light blue shirt and glasses) and his son were also watching the action. Chris has a very cool, very rare Wise – family built runabout that we plans to one day have restored and back in the water.

I think this is a classic AristoCraft 18 or 19 from the late 1960’s – Somebody HELP! confirm this please.

“Hornet” is simply amazing… Looks fast – Is fast… Is that Mark Mason at the helm?

This fellow “Gets It”

ARRRGH! & WoodyGal and company burning up the lake in his Chris-Craft speedboat. Can you guess the year and model? Sign them up for an exclusive “Sons of Varnish” shirt and flag! Do they think they are on a Roller Coaster at Disneyland, or is it just Larry’s driving that making them feel that way?

Gil’s classic 25′ Chris-Craft Cavalier, the year round daily user boat. OK – Who ate the Froot Loops, they were there yesterday… We noticed Johnny Kadimik hanging around Gil’s boat earlier this morning… Hmmmmm?

Below – Natashia and her father John, which reminds me that one of our favorite fellow Woody Boaters – Natashia Kadimik from NYC / NJ is celebrating a birthday on Tuesday – “Happy Birthday Girl” – If you see Froot Loops sprinkled on you birthday cake, I think we know where they came from… (Just kidding of course) Have a great day Natashia!

“Wait for me guys” – Everyone wanted to get out on the water this weekend and take part in the action.

“Mahogamous Affair” – Now I bet that boat has an interesting story to tell… Does anybody know the story?

Is that a Century Palamino with a period correct Evindude Lark? Anybody know?

Woody Boater Matt Smith (iPhone camera in hand) and Seth Katz of KAtz’s MArina at the controls – moving in for another action shot on the water. What boat were they trying to photograph? Anybody know? and where the heck are the shots Matt?

Matt, Seth and Renee Katz -Image Courtesy - Don Gulliksen

Special thanks to Alex Wastson and his Nikon for working closely with Woody Boater throughout the weekend, and for your great shots! We truly appreciate the help.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from the 2012 Lake Dora boat show. Wooo Hooo!


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  1. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Waiting at the airport for dawn to crack. Great show, great fun! Thank you for thr pictures Alex the great!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great shots.  I never realized there was so much boat activity during the Lake Dora event. Looks like a real “users” show. I have got to get down there with a boat for one of the future shows.  I hope the shots that Matt took are coming in the next few days.

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Greg- One of the things that makes this show such a great event is the almost unlimited opportunities to use the boats. many of them come and go from the docks regularly through the show itself. There are 4 or 5 day river cruise trips before and after the show and also a very enjoyable picnic run on Friday. Boat show visitors can see the boats running around the lake out in front of the docks and it is about as user and boater friendly as it can get. This show really does offer the complete package for the classic boater and the show attendee, no doubt about it.   

  3. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Beautiful boats. Love that rare prewar Lyman with the flat windshield. Looks like a 19.5 footer from 1935 or so.
    Thanks for that and all the other boats.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    You guys are too kind.  “Viewer Participation Day” is your way of getting around the fact that I didn’t supply details w the photos, like I usually do. I was too busy figuring out what all the buttons, lights, switches, dials, levers, and LEDs mean on my new camera.    Also, trying my darndest not to drop it in the lake, until at least the bill for it arrives.  

    Next time, I promise. 

  5. The Central Scrutinizer
    The Central Scrutinizer says:

    I am pretty sure the AristoCraft in question is a 19 from the mid 1970s.  There were 5-6 of them at the Lake Chatuge show last year and they were all from the mid 1970s.

    • jerri
      jerri says:

      AristoCraft 19.  It even looks like Bill Turner of AristoCraft is driving it.  He and his family were down there.

      • Scott
        Scott says:

        Hey everyone, you were all very close.   It is a late 78 or 79 nineteen.  The way you can tell is the hardtop is two tone (instead of solid blue) and the molded fiberglass dash instead of wood.  

  6. George Emmanuel
    George Emmanuel says:

    The outboard is a 1929 Johnson V-45 owned by Steve Wood. Steve is one of the most helpful people you will ever meet, and yes, he runs everything!!

  7. Natashia Kadimik
    Natashia Kadimik says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Texx, but that is definitely not me in the blue shirt!  Oh well 🙂

    Mt. Dora was a blast – it was so great to meet all of the woodyboater crew! 

  8. ranger
    ranger says:

    texx, you were missed…had to herd the cats without you! 

    it was a strange weekend for us…seems like everything that could go wrong at the house went wrong…

    poor randy, he spent more time running back home than being at the show. finally got back saturday night, so we skipped the banquet and went boating instead…

    definite highlights:

    meeting the woodyboaters that we have been following up here

    getting our sons of varnish t-shirts

    and taking home the youth judging award  – can’t tell you what that meant to us!!!!

    alex & mike…your secrets are safe with me…wink,wink, nudge, nudge…bob’s your uncle!  

    thanks to everyone at sunnyland for a wonderful time!   

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      I always enjoy working with Terry and the Youth Judging Program, some of the comments those kids come up with crack me up…

      Also, I know – that You know – what it’s like when we are trying to complete a wooden boat restoration project, and done right – so that’s the priority right now.

      Look forward to crossing paths with you and Randy soon, somewhere down the road…. Texx

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          Hah, I recognize that boat from the Chris Craft club registry.  It is the only one in the entire hull registry where the boat photos show a skeleton being sexually molested!   


  9. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Great shots all weekend and some familiar boats and names from the fiberglassics side of the hobby as well… Fun!

    Conspicuously missing – the “Golden Pond” boats and stories. I assume there will be a wrap-up of some sort featuring them in the near future?

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Hi Dick, I think Matt is planning to do that story tomorrow… He has some wonderful images of them in the water. Stay tuned…

  10. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    I can start the story on ‘Mahogamous Affair”.  Belongs to Dennis Friesel who totally restored the boat himself at least 15 years ago.  I met him on several trips on the Tennessee River.  Last year he was involved in a terrible accident in a lock where the boat suddenly accelerated right into a barge.  The engine flew forward about a foot pulling the exhaust out of the transom and the boat sank almost immediately.  I believe Dennis had the boat re-built by the Antique Boat Center and it appears they did a great job.  Dennis and the barge were undamaged.  The name of the boat was due to Dennis spending so much time in his shop when he built the boat, sort of a play on words with monogomous and mahogany.  Enough, I am starting to spell like Matt.

        • Texx
          Texx says:

          Jim – I missed being there this year, first time in many years that I couldn’t make it to Tavares.

          However, the re-restoration of my restored 52 Riviera 18 must be first priority if it’s going to be ready for summer.

          The good news is that if there’s an F1 Race in Austin this year, DaPron and I will be knockin’ on your door… 

  11. Dane
    Dane says:

    The Century isn’t a Palamino. I’d say it’s one of the Sportsman models, predating the evinrude by a couple years.

  12. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Thanks for the pictures, All I can do now is wait for the ice to break up, anybody have a big blow torch???

  13. Adam Retersdorf
    Adam Retersdorf says:

    The AristoCraft was one of 3 that ‘George’ from Mt. Dora owns.  It is a 9 Teen and I thought that one was a 1968 with a Mercruiser 3.0L 4cly. 

    I own the 26ft Miss APBA ‘Retirement Plan’ and his Aristocraft ran with us till almost 45MPH.  In the Rain Saturday afternoon he had the little sliding hardtop to say dry on the way to the boat launch.  I didn’t even have a windshield.     

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