Bob Kays Was Stuck On Land! Thankfully


Says it all

There is a saying in Sailing, It takes a great Sailor to sail in no wind.  Imagine being a photgrapher and at this event and stuck at the docks. Okay, he wasn’t stuck, but while Ken Kin was out shooting pure heaven, Bob was requested to make Dock art. And man oh man, did he deliver. Thankfully for us, we get yet another perspective of an amazing event.

BAM! On the phone. I love it

MAYBEE someone will come along and get me off the docks

Okay, is the driver calling the passengers?

Dang, is this a mirror thing? Nope! a good eye finds magic

Okay, all I got left in me is ONE WORD COMMENTS.


Rum Runner takes a bow

And aft.

Headed out



Birth of a Bumper!



There is loving your boat, and then there is LOVING your boat. I feel dirty.


mark Mason under cover


LINES! Amazing lines






Amber glow



Rock Party

Blond on the water

Blonde on the rocks

Bob? How? Did you float away?


All hale Bob! Bob we salute you


Riva on the River

Circles of life!

A little yellow came a long way

Mash up

Fenders, Stickers flags



WOW, a huge thanks to Bob “I have a calendar for you” Kays from Lake Hopatcong for rounding out the perspective on the event. Stay tuned tomorrow, we have the Grand Finale from Kent O. Smith who found some jewels in his files. This has been a very special event here on Woody Boater and if you havent yet, you should go back and look through last weeks stories. No need to read my dribble, but the photos are the stars. You will need these stories soon enough to keep you warmed up for spring.



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  1. Noel E. Trueworthy
    Noel E. Trueworthy says:

    Despite all of your corny caption comments this is WB’s best post of the best boats of the best gathering ever bar none, Noel

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Just awesome coverage of the event. Makes me feel even more depressed that I didn’t go but almost felt I was there. Hope everyone knows to right click over the picture and select view image so you can get a larger isolated blown up image to view that picture in detail. Just amazing. No iPhone shots here, quality framed shots and perfect lighting. Well done Bob.

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