Breaking News: Boston Whaler Barn Find Wins Bodacious Award! Oh And Some Other Boats Won Something.

The Woody Boater himself!

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated pulling into the home of Chris Craft and Gar Wood, on sacred ground.. with a 1970 Boston Whaler Sakonnot 16’7”

It’s from Boston, it’s plastic and its like pulling into Pebble Beach with your parents station wagon and entering it in the show.. And BAM, it won! Actually it won Best Outboard non wood. Eat that Paul Harrison. Now to be fair, it’s amazing and perfect. Not one issue, and 100% original down to its very rare Bearcat motor. The first real 4 cycle outboard, the Whaler, now named “Keeper” had a continual crowd around her.

With her original ladder, trailer etc

The center console, note the original Rictchie Compas, and the Lowrance Depth sounder and paper fed fish finder. All still in there original box. Even the flash light is orignal to the period.

The original Bearcat 4 cycle engine. Designed with Boston Whaler in mind! Dick Fischer - pure genus.

Now, I have to say, that it was the only non wood outboard in the show. Texx calls it now a trophy hunter. My Trophy looks the same as the others. The zillion dollar Hackers, and stunning Chris Crafts that one drools all over.. And then the Whaler. I actually am happy to make this statement to the world. A simple brand that deserves to be recognized at a classic boat show. It’s an icon and defiantly evoked an emotion, and even more so, to the younger crowd, who all had a Whaler as their first boat. So congrats to the wonderful gang for letting me have some fun with ‘Keeper”

And the award goes to........

In all seriousness, this show was a stunner, the boats are amazing and very different. This area is a classic boat lovers paradise, the gang here lives and breaths varnish, and we love it! So the real winners are hard earned awards. It’s easy to win when you are the only one, but when you are up against 3rd generation 100% original well kept boats. Fogetaboutit!

Here is the list of todays winners.

Runabout 0-19ft 1939, 19′ Chris -Craft, “Lickety Split”, Mark And Gail Walker

Utility 0-19ft – 1962 17′ Century, “Kay 3”, Joe and Ingrid Murphy  NOTE Second Place to Fellow Woody Boater Richard Gambino 1951 17ft Chris Craft Panther!

Utility 20′ + – 1955 39′ Chris Craft, “Semi Crazy”, Murry Sanford

Cruiser 0-35′ 1957 33′ Chris-Craft , “Black Beauty”, Rick Laenen

Cruiser 30′ and over 1948 40′ Matthews, “Once Again”, Ross Stone

Skiff 0 to 24′ – 1959 22 ‘ Chris Craft, “Chase N Me”, Bill Kerner

Skiff 25′ and over, 1965 25 ‘ Lyman , Carl Mount

Out Board Wood, 1949 14′ Shell Lakes, “Gill Collector”, James A. Glotfelty

Launch, 1935 20′ Launch, “Muscrat”, John and Libby Giffels

Late Contemporary Wood – 2011 21′ Hacker, “Sla’inte”, Timand Paula O’Brian

Modified, 17 ft Chris Craft Adams – Johna and Melinda Adams

Non Wood Cruiser, 1967 47 ‘ Chris Craft – “Lena Estelle”, Jim and Elaine Mathis

Non Wood Outboard, 1970 Boston Whaler, “Keeper” , Woody Boater RULES!

Non Wood Utility, 1973 30′ Fino, “Blue Chip” , Bill and Jan Stephenson

Owner Restored First place, 1956 17′ Chris craft , Tight lines” John and Jim Godlewski

Peoples Choice 1955 53′ Chris Craft, “Shepsl VII” Craig Lamm

Marque Boat Triple Cockpit, 1938 28 ‘ Hackercraft, “Seaflow II” Dave Bortner

And ladies and germs.. Drum roll please..

BEST IN SHOW – 1948 40′ Matthews “Once Again” Owned by Ross Stone.. This yacht is AMAZING! And the nicest folks..





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  1. chad
    chad says:

    Way to go WoodyBoater Whaler! Looks like a great day and a great gathering of boats.

    Also, congrats to the Godlewskis.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I’m looking at the port side picture of “precious” and I’m wondering, “That whaler has one helluva bow pole with yardarms?”. Oh, that’s the marina’s flag pole in the background, lol.

    Congrats, always good to come back with some hardware whether its bowlights or trophies.

  3. Jon H
    Jon H says:

    I love my CC Continental as much as any woody boater loves their wooden boat, but I grew up on that Whaler. My first ever varnish job was to re-do the casting deck. It’s part of the reason I am now a woody boater. I am shocked at the raw emotions evoked in me as I watch it transfered to Matt and being appreciated by others. Sorry Matt, but I’ve come to realize this weekend that while you may hold title, I’ll never be able to see it as anyone’s but dad’s. I can only hope that one day my boys feel the same emotions if I ever bring myself to sell the Continental.

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