Breaking News From The 2013 ACBS International Awards Banquet!

Big Splash Idaho

The Big Splash from Idaho! (Wes Yandt photo)

We are receiving live updates from the big splash at the 2013 ACBS International Awards Banquet. Here are some winners and we will continue to post more as the information comes in over the wireless. – Texx

Preserved Boat of the Year – LULU III 1929 26’Hackercraft Dolphin – Owner Jack Beatley / Preserved by Dan Nelson

LULU Kermath 200 200HP 678 CID

Preserved Boat of the Year “LULU III” c/w Kermath Model 200 – 200HP 678 CID power.

Restored Boat of the Year – TOPPER 1929 28′ Chris-Craft Sedan – Owner Jim Wright / Restored by Mike Green

Best Restored Antique Runabout – HIJACKER 1929 28′ Chris-Craft Runabout – Owner Jim Wright / Restored by Mike Green

Best Preserved Classic Runabout – NERVOUS 1954 19′ Chris-Craft Racing Runabout – Owner Tim & Brian Robinson / Preserved by Robinson Restoration

Racer Nervous

NERVOUS 1954 19′ Chris-Craft Racing Runabout (Photo by Don Ayers)

Best Preserved Antique Runabout – KILLER 1942 19′ Chris-Craft Custom – Owner Steve & Linda Zwarg

Best Preserved Classic Utility – WOOD & GLORY 1966 21′ Century Coronado – Owner Jim Robello

Best Restored Classic Utility – TWIN FINN 1959 21′ Chris-Craft Continental- Owner James Atkinson / Restored by McCall Boatworks

ACBS Most Original – FALLS FLYER 1942 21′ Larson Falls Flyer – Owner Patrick Carnes / Preserved by Sunrise River Boatworks

Best Restored Classic Runabout – BIG SKY 1946 21’StanCraft Torpedo Runabout – Owner Bob Boldt / Restored by StanCraft Boats

Big Sky

BIG SKY – StanCraft Torpedo (Wes Yandt photo)

Best Chris-Craft – EVERAN ZEPHYR 1940 19′ Chris Craft Custom – Owner Gary Lyons / Restored by McCall Boatworks

Best Non Wood – THE ROCKET 1965 16′ Glastron Futura 500 – Owner Paul & Karen Harrison / Restored by Mel Arnold at Complete Marine

Engine of the Year – MISS DETROIT III 2005 20′ Homebuilt Replica Raceboat c/w 1916 Curtiss Model V-4 – Owner Ken Muscatel / Engine Restored by Robert Mishko

Miss Detroit III - 6

1918 “MISS DETROIT III” – 1916 Curtiss Model V-4 12 Cylinder Race Engine (Wes Yandt photo)

While we are waiting for more information to come in from the big awards banquet, here’s a great video from Brian Robinson on board “NERVOUS” the award winning 1954 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout.

Stay tuned for more announcements from the ACBS International Awards Banquet in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


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    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Hi Shauna – We don’t have much information about the 1942 21′ Larson Falls Flyer. We know Pat Carnes purchased it from the Mikkelson Collection Auction back in 2012, but that’s about all.

      Hopefully someone will chime in with more information.


  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    We received an e-mail to confirm that Pat Carnes 1942 21′ Larson Falls Flyer was preserved by Sunrise River Boatworks, and also added this to the list of winning boats above.

    • Don Vogt
      Don Vogt says:

      Yes, mike did a fabulous job on two fabulous models. It would be difficult to be a judge here because of the number and variety of boats in fantastic restored/preserved condition on display. I think this is the finest show ever held in the nw.

      Another restorer deservedly recognized is don hardy who is turning out great work at McCall boat works in Payette, idaho.

  2. Patrick Roberts
    Patrick Roberts says:

    Another award for Sunrise River Boatworks! (I recall them getting one a few years ago for THAYER IV 1802). Congratulations Guys!

    Those Falls Flyers are great and I would sure appreciate seeing pictures of it. Thanks to Woodyboater land for bringing us some great show pictures!


  3. Don Hardy
    Don Hardy says:

    Everan Zephyr being prepped for the big show last week. Looks like the work paid off. You may recall this boat from the barn find series on boats found in the mountains of Idaho by Don Hardy at McCall Boatworks.

  4. brian t
    brian t says:

    Is there any way to hear that Kermath engine running in Lulu III ???

    I am quite sure that that Kermath engine is most likely the same version that our Zoomer began life with back in 1930.

    Our original engine sadly is lone gone but I would enjoy hearing one run.

    Thank you in advance!

  5. 'Bone Daddy' Deems
    'Bone Daddy' Deems says:

    A big pile of congrats and hugs to my friends Steve and Linda Zwarg for their award with the ‘Barrel Back’ named Killer…I have been around this one for years…awesome boat and great folks too! Yeah Steve and Linda!!

  6. Terry H.
    Terry H. says:

    Congrats to Aaron and Ross at Sunrise River!! I saw that boat in their shop..Also to Brian and Tim Robinson..saw that one as well.. Nice Boat!!!

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