Breaking News – Winners From The 2011 Lake Geneva ACBS International Boat Show


We have just received the names of the winners at this year’s ACBS International Boat Show in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We will be adding images and information to this story as information streams in from our live reporters at the ACBS Awards Banquet.

Best of Show Preserved – “Barnwood”

Best of Show Restored – “Mirella”

People’s Choice was the Ventnor, which was also the Youth Judges choice.

Most Original – 1956 Willits Brothers canoe owned by Peter Mueller

Image Courtesy of Peter Mueller

Best Antique Runabout Restored – “MUSE”

Best Antique Runabout Preserved – “Miss Emily”

Best Antique Utility Restored – “Relic”

Best Antique Utility Preserved – “Epitome”

Best Classic Runabout Restored was also the Ventnor, same as People’s Choice.

Best Classic Runabout Preserved – “Miss Hopatcong”

Best Classic Utility Restored – “The Majestic”

Best Classic Utility Preserved – “Sweet Addiction”

Best Non-Wood – “Tin Can”

Best Fibre Glassic – “Naut Wood”

Best Dispro – “Loon”

Best Antique Launch – “Stella”

Best Classic Launch – “Clarabelle”

Best Outboard Raceboat – “Nonsense II”

Best Outboard Preserved – “V 92”

Best Oouboard Restored – “Summer Breeze”

Best Cruiser Preserved – TBA

Best Cruiser Restored – “Klondike”

Best Antique Raceboat – “Miss America IX”

Best Classic Raceboat – “Last Dance”

Best Contemporary 1st place “Jefe”

Best Contemporary 2nd Place “Amy Ann”

Best Canoe – “Two Tone”

Best Sail Boat- “The Seine”

Best Lyman – “Pherel”

Best Hacker Craft – “Miss Minneapolis”

Best Century – a 1967 17ft Resorter owned bt Ned Kline.

Best Hacker Contemporary – “Old School”

Best Gar Wood Classic – “Impulse”

Best CC Classic – “Baby Grand”

Best Gar Wood Antique – “Silverfox”

Best Chris-Craft Antique – “Patty Anne II”

Best Canadian Boat – “Lady El”

Best Homebuilt – “Honey Do”

Best Gage Hacker – “KittyHawk”

Best Streblow – “Roadanne”

ACBS Chapter of the Year – A tie, Sunnyland & Heartland Classics

Congratulations to all the award winners, and also to the Blackhawk & Glacier Lakes ACBS Chapters for putting on a great event here in Wisconsin. Also congratulations to all the new ACBS HQ Directors that came on board this week.


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  1. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    All the work that I went through for my award, and not even a ripple in your awards list!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT THE H&^%^&&%%$^LL

  2. Scott Ales
    Scott Ales says:

    I learned something that most of the locals don’t know. The body of water is called Geneva Lake, the town on the north side of the lake is called Lake Geneva! Thanks Google maps. Or maybe they are wrong? Anyone know for sure?

    • Marc D.
      Marc D. says:

      The short story is that it goes back to the days when trains ran from Geneva, Illinois to nearby Geneva Lake, Wisconsin and the authorities asked them to kindly change the community name to Lake Geneva to avoid confusion. The lake is Geneva Lake among purists, Lake Geneva to others; the city is Lake Geneva.

  3. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    Actually the show site was in Fontana, Wisconsin on Geneva Lake.

    Really, no lapstrake award?


  4. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    Matt, is that what they gave me postomus(that can’t be spelled correctly) but most here will think it’s ok:):)

  5. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Ok so the auction didn’t exactly smash all records did it.
    Looks like about a third of the boats found a new owner.
    So many sweet boats passed in. Including my Arabian. Hmmmm…. shall I call Herb?

  6. Postmarc
    Postmarc says:

    If there was an award for Best Party Boat, I believe a certain award-winning Best Classic Launch parked next to Miss America IX would have gotten it uncontested.

  7. Douglas Van Patten III
    Douglas Van Patten III says:

    About ‘Lady EL”, winner of best Canadian boat. She was built by Earl Barnes. He was a true artist.

  8. Mo
    Mo says:

    It would be nice if each of your great boat pictures had info on the boat and owner. Right now we’re left wondering and wanting more!

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