Can’t Wait To Race Down To Lake Dora In Three Weeks? There Is A Solution For That!


Plop Plop, Fiz Fiz, Oh what a racer it iz!

Many Woody Boaters go down the week before to Lake Dora for an entire week of fun. There is fun stuff for weeks in advance. For the slow pokes, there is the St Johns River Cruise. And for the more hyper type. Races! Vintage boat races that are just as insane as they have always been.



Thanks to Action Photos by Pete Boden – Shoot To Thrill Pix

The guys take it seriously and give a fantastic show on the lake. Trust us, you get a full dose of fossil fuel burning, and air/noise pollution. It’s fantastic. You can just stand there are suck in summers of your past. Its all there. Except everyone is a little slower and older. Just don’t look in the mirror and all will be well.

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If you need more coaxing, here is a a video done a bit back on the subject of Vintage Boat Racing!


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    OK so I guess I now officially fall into the “slow pokes” category, because I will be on the St. Johns. Actually I plan on launching Friday March 17th to get a couple of extra days of summer fun.
    May just hang out at Silver Glenn Springs for an afternoon.

  2. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Does anyone remember a wooden hydro (7-litre?) by the name of Bahama Mama? I saw her race in Decatur, IL in 1980? Crossed the finish line first and full of smoke – it was a fund race to watch.

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