Captain Grumpy – Live-ish From The Lake Winnipesaukee Antique & Classic Boat Show


Long time fellow Woody Boater Randy Rush (many know him as “Captain Grumpy”) was at the big Lake Winnipesaukee boat show this weekend in New Hampshire with his mighty Carver lapstrake. Forunately for us, Randy and his crew snapped a few photos from the event on Saturday…

These premier east coast boat shows always offer up a huge selection of antique & classic boats, and this was certainly the case at this years Lake Winnipesaukee event. Here’s a brief description of the event from the New England ACBS Chapter’s great website.

39th Annual – Lake Winnipesaukee Antique & Classic Boat Show
July 28, 2012 – Meredith Public Docks

This summer’s 39th Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Antique & Classic Boat Show at the Meredith public docks will be another huge gathering of over 80 beautiful antique and classic wooden boats on display all day long in a judged competition at the docks. There will also be a large display of non-judged antique and classic boats on trailers in the adjacent Hesky Park. And returning this year will be a Field of Dreams for antique and classic boats for sale, also located in the Hesky Park area. Also new this year will be a large display of non-judged antique & classic cars in the parking lot at the Meredith public docks, making this a grand celebration of antique & classic boats and cars !!!

This years event featured Century boats as the honored marque, and the Century owners responded with a great turnout from the golden age of Century boat manufacturing. The cool wooden outboard in the foreground is a 1950 Penn Yan ZTD Swift owned by Tom Davenport.

With over 70 boats in attendence this year, many of the other classic marques were also represented such as Chris-Craft, Hackercraft, Gar Wood, Lyman, etc – and as expected, they looked awesome.

An no show is complete without a few elegant Chris-Craft triple cockpit runabouts from the early days.

And as you can see, the docks were busy all day with spectators who came out for the big show – which is always great to see.

Randy – “Over 70 classic boats filled the Meredith docks, with approximately 40 being judged. Crowds swarmed all day and just kept coming – even at show’s end, a steady stream of admirers visited with boat owners.”

Not exactly sure – but I am going to go out on a limb and say this is an early 1940 Lyman runabout with a cabin top, but it sure looks fantastic… you just don’t see these very often – Texx

Another unusual little outboard boat – listed as a 1953 Herbert Goedecke, from Bedford, N.H. – Very nice…

Randy – “The Goedecke family of Bedford, NH proudly arrived in their baby ski boat – Bouncin Babe”

In the center – Captain Grumpy’s cool Carver lapstrake named “Accolades”.

There’s always a few unexpected surprises at these boat shows… As we were going through Randy’s photos from Saturday we noticed a photo of a few boats arriving at the event early Saturday morning, and in the distance was what appeared to be a rare Chris-Craft Green & White bringing up the rear…

I’m am going back out on that limb again and guess that this is – in fact a rare 1940 (or 41) Chris-Craft 25′ Cruiser affectionately known as a “Green & White”.

If – in fact that’s what this is (according to the Essential Guide) a total of only 134 of these were ever produced by Chris-Craft. A very cool boat… Fellow Woody Boater Dick Werner from Oregon currently owns one of these rare beauties. If anyone out there in Woody Boater land can confirm this, please let us know. – Texx

And here is another stunning boat named “Wilgold III” – And with this boat I am officially in uncharted waters, and can’t even guess what this is… But usually if it’s associated with the name “Curtiss”, it’s a significant antique boat.

We would love to learn more about “Wilgold III” if anyone can help please… (Update to this story – We have been informed that “Wilgold III” is a 1923 26′ Hacker Gold Cup Replica out of Mark Mason’s shop) Thanks Greg & Jim for that info.

And a rare post-war Chris-Craft – “Passage” an M45 Chrysler Marine (Hemi) powered 1955 21′ Capri.

“Vagabond” a very nice 1995 Replica Gar Wood 25′ Streamliner.

It’s always fun to see an original wooden boat with Twin-Evinrude outboards in perfect condition.

Chris Cushman’s beautiful mid 1960’s Lyman runabout – It’s safe to say that Chris loves his lapstrake Lymans as he has a few of them…

Oh No – It looks like somebody just woke up Captain Grumpy and well… I hope he’s not Grumpy!

A few more marque class Centurys from the show.

Captain Grumpy commented – “A final highlight was Chris Murphy (owner of “Another Headache” a 1970 Century Resorter) and his unexpected swim as he plunged into the water to assist the NEACBS volunteers after their line got sucked into a jetski. This made for a truly amusing end to the day – as the woodies all raced to beat the approaching thundershowers.”

Richard Jenny’s immaculate 1947 Chris-Craft 20′ Custom “The End”.

Thanks to Randy Rush for the photos today, and also a special thanks to Boat Show Chairman – Bill John and the entire crew from the New England Chapter ACBS for hosting another fabulous event.


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    • Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
      Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

      I posted 340? pictures and another story on my facebook page “Lapstrakes Rules “if anyone wants to look.

  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Thanks for the pics !

    I was hoping to make the trip up from mass this year but I am knee deep in topside plank installation which is going fantastic so far.

    Give me two years and maybe I won’t just be a spectator.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Nice report! I had planned to travel that way for the show this year, but had other things to do. Great photo’s, I’ll put a link to your blog post on my site!


  3. Sheryl
    Sheryl says:

    Thanks for the great photos Captain! Would you mind if I share the one of the Babe on our family journal where we have been writing about the renovation project? (with links and credits of course)

    Hoping to get back to the show next year with two boats 🙂

  4. Skyler
    Skyler says:

    I just want to confirm that “Herkananda” the green & white Chris-Craft is in fact a 1941 25′ Chris-Craft Cruiser. It is currently owned by my grandfather, Ted Valpey of Dover, New Hampshire, whose father purchased it used for his family’s home on Squam Lake. It currently “lives” in a boathouse on Lake Winnipesaukee.

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