Classic Boat Auctions, Going Once.. Twice.. I'm Sold!

For those of you that have been boating under a rock this summer. You may want to stick your head up and head up to Clayton at the end July for the big auction put on by Antique boat America. Well worth the trip with some killer deals on some killer boats in a killer location. Noooo Mr literal pants. They won’t kill you.. Maybe your wallet.. Buts that’s just a sickness not death. Now if for some reason you can’t make that, there is a whopper in Monterey California by Mecum Auctions August 13-14 Mixed in with some of the top performance cars in the world this year is some very rare and cool mahogany crafts. And yes these to will kill you.. Both banners are on the right of this site. Noooow…. lets say you can’t make that one either. It’s on TV.. So there.. And the Clayton one will be live-ish on Woody Boater. All three of us will be there as well. Texx, Krunch and I. Reporting, cracking bad jokes and looking for 80 year old Chris – Craft girls… still have yet to find one..

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Matt take a deep breath, forget the wife , the kid's and college, kick out the dogs, and close your eye's, and wait for "THE BOBSTER" to roll up on the block, and raise your hand and yell out every time the austioner opens his mouth. Then bring it to the Smith MT. show so I can covet it.:):):) LOOK AT NOTHING ELSE/LOOK AT NOTHING ELSE/ LOOK AT NOTHING ELSE.
    Phil / Va

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