Classic Lyman Images From The All Classics Festival In Ohio – A Clinker Coffee Table Book


The Lyman Boat Owners Association recently hosted the 12th Annual All Classics Festival on August 20th at the Huron Boat Basin in Huron, Ohio – The event was dubbed “A Celebration of Classic Boats & Cars”

Our friends Robert & Linda Miracle from Miracle Photography attended the event and once again captured some awesome images both from the Huron Boat Basin docks and from out on Lake Erie… And fortunately for us, they offered to share their images from Ohio with Woody Boater. Over 80 classic boats attended the All Classics Festival, which included a wide variety of Lyman Boats, as they were produced on the Lake Erie Waterfront.

Remember that you can click on any of these images to slightly enlarge them.

A Municipal Harbor, the Huron Boat Basin is located on the Huron River 15 miles East of Sandusky Bay. The entrance to the Huron River is marked by a Lighthouse on the West side of the river. The strip of land leading out to the Light is a nice spot for a relaxing day of fishing.

The city of Huron is known as the “Heart of Vacationland” in Ohio. It offers the comfort of a small town with the conveniences of a big city. The Huron Riverfest is a popular summertime event in early July.

As expected, there were some stunning Lymans on display at the Huron Boat Basin docks.

Lymans of all sizes and years, big and small, inboard and outboard, hardtops and softtops, you name it… it was probably there. 

Thanks as always to Robert & Linda Miracle for sharing their images with us. If you are interested in seeing their entire gallery or purchasing some digital images from the All Classics Festival in Ohio, you can click here to go directly to the Miracle Photography SmugMug site. 

You can also click here to go directly to the Lyman Boat Owners Association website… or click on the Lyman links on the right side of the Woody Boater home page for more information on the Lyman marque.

Here at Woody Boater we have developed a true appreciation for the style, beauty and versatility of the Lyman marque. For us, it seems that the more we learn about classic Lyman boats, the more we love and appreciate just how cool these boats are. My personal favorite (as long as I didn’t have to tow it too far) is 1965 28′ Lyman Sportsman powered by Twin 220 HP Grey Marine V-8′s, preferably with yellow hull sides and interior… Wow, what a cool boat.

What’s your favorite classic Lyman boat? Let us know in the Comments section below…


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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Thanks to the Miracle’s for their great photos and generosity and to Texx for his kind words. An excellent Lyman fix for a Lymaniac. As stated before on this blog my favorite Lymans are the pre 1961 hulls. I love my 1963 16 footer but I prefer my 1957 18 foot outboard. They were built from 1956 to 1960. Luckily I have recently spent two week on the river and got to be in my boat and not working on it. I will check all the photos to see if I can find some.

  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    It’s always good when Robert and Linda are attending an event and taking pictures! They do a beautiful job from the dock or from a fast moving boat. Thank you both for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    Favorite boat……. Can there be ten favorites?

  3. Robert Miracle
    Robert Miracle says:

    Thank You for the nice comments about our photography. We are living the dream in retirement. We have two more show’s to do this year. We are leaving for Charlotte NC, Thursday for their show. It will be on Lake Norman at Queens Landing. This is a geat place and they have a wonderful show with a lots of beautiful boats.
    The next week we will be making our first visit to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. We look forward to working with them to get some great shot’s of their show. Look us up if you are at any of the shows we will be attending. Woody Boater will have some photo’s on this site.
    Bob Miracle

  4. Rick F
    Rick F says:

    Lyman boats are great. You should have seen the amazement when 3 different Lymans won the “Best of Show” here at the NEC-ACBS Winnipesaukee Show a few years back! That stunned those mahogany plank boat owners!
    My favorite Lyman is the 1960 and earlier 17′ Outboard. I have a 1986 70 HP OMC on mine right now and that boat is perfect! Big enough to handle some tough water conditions, yet small emough to trailer anywhere easily. With the 70 HP on it, I was able to water ski behind it for the first time in 17 years at age 51. And it’s quick too! A friend of mine affectionatley calls it “Whiplash”. With a Lyman, you can have it all!

  5. Rich W.
    Rich W. says:

    I’ve been enjoying this site for several months now. Back in late spring one of the local boatyard’s crew came in to my work and announced that they were going to scrap a boat. A fellow worker and I were curious and went to take a look and the rest is history. We became the new guardians for a 1960 South Caost Boatworks 23′ sleeper patterned after a Lyman. The boat was in the water and had been partially submerged once or twice. We were told she “had been running fine a year ago”. She is powered with a crusader fresh water cooled Charger series smallblock. We replaced the battery and wires, starter, distributor cap and ignition parts, exhaust risers and elbows, circulation pump, pressure tested the oil cooler and got her running! On the day we were to take our first test spin we were running her at the dock and blew a transmission seal. All the fluid dissapeared into the bell housing. Darn it! Water had gotten into the housing at some point and we are having a really tough time gtting the velvet drive and/or the bell housing off. all the bolts are out but the damper plate must be fused. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We are just to sentimental and broke guys trying to save this boat on a shoestring budget. Thanks for the website inspired me to drive 600 miles from San Diego to Tahoe to see the Concours. I’m glad I went.

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