Classic Minnesota Part 5: The Traditional Saturday Classic Boat Parade At Gull Lake

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Peter Dahl, his wife Lisa and daughter Jane heading out for the afternoon cruise in “MEDICI” their beautiful 1970 Riva 28′ Super Aquarama powered by tweaked twin 427 big blocks.

As expected, the weather was perfect, the crowds were heavy and the boats were magnificent on Day 1 of the 2013 Gull Lake Classic Boat Show. For anyone who has never been to Gull Lake, Minnesota for the boat show, it is a “must see’ event if you like premium antique and classic boats – guaranteed to be something for everybody at the show. And the people are fantastic.

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The docks at Bar Harbor were busy with spectators all day.

The docks at Bar Harbor can take what ever you throw at them in terms of spectator and boat traffic, the impressive restaurant, bar and facilities make this a perfect venue for the 2015 ACBS International Meetings and Show. And the organizers are already taking the necessary steps in terms of preparing the facility for the 2015 event.

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One of the many highlights of the Gull Lake Show is the Saturday afternoon Classic Boat Parade along the shores of Gull Lake, but unfortunately the wind kicked up in the afternoon, so the organizers had no choice but to call off the parade.

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A beautiful Chris-Craft Capri heading out for an afternoon cruise. This Chris-Craft Capri is a 1960 model owned by Mark & Barb Anderson

However, a number of show participants decided to head out on the lake for an impromptu cruise just to take in the great weather and enjoy the day. Knowing that we were hoping to get out on the water to shoot some boats during the parade, our friend Dave Bortner from Freedom Boat Service invited us to join him and Michelle on board HORNET a V-12 Scripps powered 28′ Gar Wood Triple – a great classic boat for the choppy afternoon water on Gull Lake (easy for me to say as I was in one of the forward cockpits with Carla from Hagerty Marine Insurance staying dry).

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Smiles all around as the Gar Wood glides over the chop on Gull Lake.

Not quite so dry for photographer Dane and Ed (the ace engine guy at Freedom Boat Service) as we plow through the waves. As you can see, Ed was down wind… We had a blast out on the lake.

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Dane shooting from the Gar Woods aft cockpit while Ed has a light shower.

Although the big Gar Wood didn’t have a problem with the chop on Gull lake, we quickly realized that the adjacent canals and waterways which join the lakes were the prime spots for cruising.

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I just love this 1961 Larson 16′ All American with it’s period correct 75HP Evinrude Star Flight outboard.

3 - A Dane Sunday 1 002 - Copy
Stay tuned for a full update from the Gull Lake Classic Boat Show at Bar Harbor.

Thanks to out tour guide Dane Anderson from sharing his photos with us this weekend, it’s a pleasure to work with Dane and absorb his vast knowledge of the Minnesota Lakes area – Classic Minnesota.


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  1. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    After all this teasing all week, now I can’t wait for Sept 2015 to get here fast enough! Looks like our kinda water to cruise on, and take in the shoreline sights.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Medici? I thought is said MEDIC! As in “all these gorgeous boats and cool engines made my heart stop…call a medic!”

  3. brian t
    brian t says:

    I don’t know Linus, I just don’t know.

    The chop in those pics does not look like a parade should have been cancelled. You should have seen the size of the waves during our Lake Oswego parade last weekend – that was some chop !! (and the parade went ahead as planned….)

    I love how the Riva in the header can just motor along with little effort with the chop in those waters.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      The chop on Gull Lake was rough enough that only the big Riva and Gar Wood ventured out onto the main lake, and it was really tough to capture good images with a steady camera.

      So we decided to retreat back to the calm waters of the connectors and channels. Dane and Ed in the aft cockpit of the 28′ Gar Wood were soaked – but happy.

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