Classic Muskoka Part 3 – Woody Boater Poker Run Was A Big Hit!

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Hackercraft Boats

Fellow Woody Boater Dr. Bob Johnson from Minnesota participated in the Woody Boater Poker Run in Les Rue’s impressive Hackercraft 24′ Triple.

THE WEATHER WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ON FRIDAY for the Woody Boater Poker Run on Lake Muskoka. They had twice the number of boats signed up for this years Poker Run, partially due to the number of Disappearing Propeller boats that were on hand for the 100th Anniversary of the Dispro.

It’s was just great to see more than 80 people signed up for the event, which included a lunch at the amazing Muskoka Boat and Heritage Center in Gravenhurst. Smiles all around as the boats left the Muskoka Wharf this morning with clear skies and temperatures in the 80’s. – Texx

Post war Hackercraft

“Current Fling” is a beautiful 1947 23′ Hackercraft / John Staudacher designed boat. They were just preparing for the start of the Poker Run under the sunny Muskoka sky.

Poker Run 3

The Dippys also participated in the Woody Boater Poker Run on a special course just for them. The Disappearing Propeller boats (commonly referred to as Dispros or Dippys) were invented in Port Carling Muskoka in 1915 – a hundred years ago. They are legendary in these parts.

Chris-Craft Barrelback

Just before the poker run kicked off we spotted “Ya-bah-dee!” a very nice 1941 Chris-Craft 23′ Barrelback.

Poker Run

“Dorothy III” participated in the poker run, a Canadian classic.

Classic Greavette

Woody Boater contributor Sean Conroy was at the Poker Run with “Sea-J” a very cool 1972 18′ Greavette.

Poker Run

Sean and his crew led the gaggle of boats to the first check point where they picked up their playing cards.

Poker Run

This year there was a huge range of boats participating in the popular poker run. It was great to see everyone out on the water in Muskoka.

Poker Run

Our new friends Rich and Linda Hughes in their perfectly prepared 1968 22′ Greavette “Aqua Velvet”.

1968 Greavette

As a team, Rich & Linda have gently customized their Greavette, Linda did all the upholstery which is perfect. The custom windshield has ventilating front glass which works great on warm days like today. Forward seats were made wider which now have compartments for stowage. They were very helpful this week offering to help us with the photo shoots which we appreciate, and the Greavette worked great with modern Mercruiser SBC power.

Powerboat TV

Powerboat Television producer and host Mike Gridley participated in the poker run with his 1964 18′ Greavette. Great to see Mike here this year! Rich & Linda Hughes were also involved with this Greavette.

Hutchison Sedan

“Full Moon” is a spectacular and rare 1937 28′ Hutchinson Sedan. A very elegant boat.

Poker Run

The weather was absolutely perfect for the Woody Boater Poker Run on Lake Muskoka today. Another shot of Dr. Bob in “The Hacker”. Dr. Bob is a regular at the St. Johns River Cruise in Florida and loves his wooden boats.

Chris-Craft U-22

“Cracker Jack” a 1947 Chris-Craft U-22 was also on hand for the poker run today. They are great, reliable people movers.

Poker Run 16

Bill & Karen Ballard from Michigan in their 1954 Century 19’5″ Resorter, with our host Julie Bullen riding shotgun.


There were 13 Dippys in the poker run today – “Puffin” is owned by Past Toronto Chapter President and Past ACBS International President Dunc Hawkins. Past International President Jim Mersman was along for the ride.

Awards Lunch

Mary Storey from the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Center presented the award for the winning poker hand in the Disappearing Propeller class to Sheila & Bob Birk.

Awards Lunch

Fellow Woody Boater Chris Bullen helped organize the Poker Run and presented the award for the winning poker hand to Al & Margaret Herr in their 1949 Chris-Craft U-22.

Special thanks to everyone who attended the Woody Boater Poker Run this year, and to the Toronto ACBS and the volunteers that make it all possible.

Today is the Main Event – the 35th Annual Summer Vintage Boat Show presented by the Toronto Chapter ACBS at the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst. We will be there all day to cover the show, so stay tuned for more updates from Classic Muskoka.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Texx, your stories and the breadth of boats you have covered so far is amazing…and the show hasn’t even started yet!

    Also, do you ever sleep? I am just up to check on the bacon (looking good) and then back to shut eye for me.

  2. Greg lewandowski
    Greg lewandowski says:

    Great to see you had a perfect day, and all, including our Michigan chapter friends, enjoyed the run. Congrats to Al and Margaret on best poker hand for the day.

  3. Jack Lynett
    Jack Lynett says:

    I have a 1953 Greavette Disappearing Propeller boat,, and frequently need to remind people that “Dippy” refers to the boat…..not the owner

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Really starting to feel a need for a sedan after seeing that 28′ Hutchinson. So do I repower Panther or trade up? Both is not an option with my current wife.

  5. Texx
    Texx says:

    Dippys are part of the fabric up here in Muskoka, they are everywhere.

    “Auntie Mae” is a 1927 model.

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Dippy owners are a tight knit group and they like to tour the extensive group of lakes around Ontario (primary) throughout the summer. Referred to as “mini misery tours” from the very first group that initially did them with minimal accommodations-just camping out and bringing canned beans to cook, etc. The theme stuck for future events when cruising at 4 to 6 knots maximum, one might get caught in a rain storm or maybe need a “comfort” stop in one of these little seaworthy but slow and unprotected skiffs, hence the name “misery tour” continues.

  7. Allen
    Allen says:

    Congrats al and Margaret Herr on the Poker Run and Cracker Jack for representing the Michigan ACBS…..wish we were with you this year…

  8. Sean
    Sean says:

    What a great day on the water AND in the boathouses! I can’t say enough about our run group of five boats (1 Century & the rest Chris Crafts) all hailing from the U.S.A. 🙂 Very nice people who are extremely friendly and love woodyboating! We’ve made many new friends this weekend 🙂

  9. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thanks for sponsoring the Poker Run. It was quite enjoyable taking part in the event this year rather than working with our crew to shoot it for PowerBoat TV as we have the past two shows. Hope to see you there again next year!

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