Clayton, Grand Rapids, Cincinnati, Reedville. What A Classic Boat Weekend!


The Sons of Varnish stopped by ACBS HQ to pay our dues and no one was there.

So much for thinking there is never anything to do in the winter with Classic Boats. As you know, we set off to Clayton NY to pick up Suzy’s top, that then turned into another 3 hour drive to Reedville from DC. But that was just part of what was going on all over the country.I will try and summarize.

Jack at St Lawence Restoration was there and gave us a tour of the facility. What a cool place with some rather intence boats.

First, Clayton.
Well, they did say that no one is there in the winter.. Also EVERYTHING is CLOSED UP! Now they are having a very unusual winter. It was in the 30’s there, so we spent an hr of quality time driving around and breaking into buildings, general pillaging. Here are some fun images from Clayton.

Radient heated floors in one of the shops makes working easier in Clayton in the winter

More amazing boats at St Lawrence being dolled up for this summer

Some cool parts just sitting around.. I'll take one of those please. That would be so cool duck taped to my Pinto.

Engines engines engines.. yes thats a hemi in plastic.

A killer Riva in the booth being given build up coats

Then we went off to Antique Boat America.. Shhh don’t tell anyone.. No one was home there either..

Knock knock, Whoes there. NO ONE.. The Sons of varnish don't care. We smell Varnish!

Man that is one cold wearhouse inside. But dang there are some very hot boats in there..

This monster Lyman is the ticket for fun. Dang, that's one heck of a party barge!

Thats it for Clayton, we left in a hurry, leaving Clayton as lonely as when we got there.

More news from this weekend

Antique Boat Center. -A celebration and open house with Charles Mistele and a short talk on his life with one of the most amazing boats in the world, Miss America IX the first boat to exceed 100 mph?

As usual there was a great turnout and fun had by all.

Dennis on the right introducing Charles. If you have not been to one of the winter events at Antique Boat Center. Ya need to. They are always fun. And you get to drool over all the boats in there buildings..

It’s not over yet. That’s right, In from Grand Rapids Michigan. Fellow Woody Boater Chris Schmaltz from Hargerty Marine Insurance sent in these images. Here are a few shots of the show and some building of boats. “We are building 6 boats at the show. Designed by Bill Turner of Aristo Craft. Boy scouts and there families over the event. Water Wonderland Chapter of the ACBS has one of the most trafficed areas of the show.”Click on the link and see there spank’n new website as well..

The sign says it all.

Little Aristo Crafts all set up to be built. Building future woody boaters. I LOVE IT!

Way to go. Dang these things come together fast.

I am always surprised by how much stuff there is to do out there if you look for it. Thanks to the folks at Hagerty Marine Insurance, Antique Boat Center, St. Lawrence Restorations, Antique Boat America, and the ACBS for making this a great weekend! Wooohooo. LESS THAN 30 Days Til Lake Dora!


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    • Mike Teusink
      Mike Teusink says:

      Henry did get to keep the boat. I showed him his picture on the header last night and he was thrilled. We’re looking forward to bringing it up to the Traverse City boat show.

  1. Chris / Hagerty
    Chris / Hagerty says:

    All the boats at GR were taken home for the new owners to paint and finish up. They will then all come to the WWC Boats on the Boardwalk 25th Ann. Show the first Saturday in August to be judged as part of the ACBS / Hagerty Youth Judging program. We expect up to 60 at the show this year….then Hessel the next Saturday!!!! Come one, come all!!!!!

    • Jim Mersman
      Jim Mersman says:

      Part of my duties as Pres of the ACBS is to personally buy a new AMERICAN flag when and if the old one wears out. I bought it last month. Now……….I know for a fact this was NOT what I ordered but I did have it direct shipped to Clayton so maybe its possble that you (Matt) did a quick switch with the UPS driver.

      Outside of your takeover of our HQ while we were sleeping, nice article and coverage for all the weekend events.

      • Jimmuh
        Jimmuh says:

        …..nothin but crickets from the pirates lair on the subject of booty for crew marooned on other coasts while the show goes on… much for loyalty to the mates….

        to quote someone else; arrrrgh…..

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    So now that the WoodyBoater flag has been raised over ACBS Headquarters it has been taken over? As the winner do you now have to financially support ACBS refugees? If that is the case onward to CCABC Headquarters. Bill, prepare to defend yourself, or at least put a pot of coffee on.

  3. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    I like the picture of the young fella acting as the human clamp in the header. I could use a couple of those from time to time. I hope he is having fun daydreaming of the day that they hit the launch codes for his boat.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Forget the flag prank. Wait until they find Neidermeyer’s dead horse in Jim’s office tomorrow! And with Matt lurking about in Antique Boat America, I’ll guarantee you a boat has been chopped, painted black, and renamed “Deathmobile.”

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