Clayton, Tahoe, Or Maybe Madison?

clayton or bust

The YNOT Yachts gang on the road to Clayton!

The next two weeks are a boat show lovers dream. There are 3 big shows coming up. Ya got the biggy in Tahoe California next weekend, the big biggy in Clayton New York, and a Little biggy in Madison Wisconsin this weekend, which includes a Higgins event this weekend.

4 Madison

Photo of beautiful Madison Click Here for the website and show info

So what will it be? East, West and Middle of the country. The town of madison is a fantastic setting for a very active chapter of the ACBS. Fellow Woody Boater Matt B will be there with Miss Lisa. Of course there is the never ending boat show going on here in Woody Boaterville, and the one at your dock. The exciting news is that shows are going gang busters and getting more exciting, especially on Lake Tahoe with what could be the largest gathering of V12 Classic boats ever.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.45.28 PM

Although there is some debate how long that record may hold since we have the mother of all mother biggest event ever at the Water and Woods event in Minnesota in September. Which we will all be reporting LIVE from. This year we have reporters in Clayton, and of course will get reports from Tahoe and the launch of what could be the boat restoration of the decade with Evangeline, Henry Fords amazing Hacker restored  the Robinson/ Elles/ Dullam/Linda Wright gang in California. This may one of the events of a lifetime to see this amazing masterpiece of mahogany. The history that, that boat knows.. Wow.


“Evangeline” – 1924 33’ Hackercraft Custom Runabout 450-hp., 12-cyl. Capitol Ford Liberty engine – Brian & Tim Robinson, Dave & Karl Elles, John Dullam & Linda Wright. Fallbrook, Calif.

Stay tuned though out next week while we try our best to stay as up to date as possible as reports come in.

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  1. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    Tahoe or Bust!!!!!

    I get in Wednesday afternoon and will be gearing up for the show and photo shoot(s). Also teaming with the pro drone videographer again.

  2. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    just checked the clayton auction site, some nice lumber! including a twin sportsman. wish i could sneak that by the admiral, but no joy

    maybe the reporters can give us updates on the bidding.


  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Wow ! …Imagine listening to all those V-12s running at once…would probably blow my hearing aids….Still i’d like to try. Suppose Don’s drone can reproduce that sound ?

  4. Ed Fairchild
    Ed Fairchild says:

    Also on the calendar are the annual Boats On The Boardwalk in Traverse City Michigan, the car/boat show at Hickory Corners Mi tomorrow and the big one in Hessel next week Saturday. We will be pulling around noon to head to Traverse City. Rumor is that ACBS Executive Director Peter Stevens will be joining us in TC.

    • Cobourg Kid
      Cobourg Kid says:

      Boats On The Boardwalk is an annual event in Traverse City Michigan and its well worth attending,

      The city is beautiful , has great restaurants , sensational baseball team, yummy beer, fantastic cherries, restored main street and movie theatre , not to mention fantastic location for the show, where mahogany jewels are strung along the quiet Boardman River squeezed between the busy downtown and the beach. You could not ask for more!

      Shot in 2011 during the boardwalk event the attached this photo will give you a sense of the laid back atmosphere we encountered,

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    One of these years I hope to make the Madison show, as I grew up just outside of it, before moving to Minneapolis for college and career. The setting is amazing, as Madison is a city planned around its lakes as Wisconsin’s capital and home to its outstanding university. And that “modern” building in the background on the header is the convention center (Monona Terrace) built in 1997 but based on a design originally created for that site by local son Frank Lloyd Wright but never built. Beautiful city, beautiful lakes and beautiful boats.

  6. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Another “little buggy” is on Aug 14 and 15 put on by the great people in Port Sanilac and sanctioned by the Michigan chapter. Along with classic boats, there will be a car show, Tin Can Tourist classic travel trailers and live music. I hope some of you WoodyBoaters can join us for a good time on Lake Huron.

  7. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    Hey Don – we will see you Wednesday but I think you know I don’t have a boat in the water this year at Tahoe so no photo boat. Pier is out of the water and buoy is at 4 feet of water so no boat.

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