Clayton This Weekend!

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If you are sitting around and thinking of how much fun mowing the lawn will be this weekend, you may want to go see a DR. Cause you be nuts my friend. This weekend is one of the whopper shows in the US of A . Right in the mecca of all that’s Woodyness. This weekend, really starting Friday, is this years Clayton NY show. You get to see some amazing boats, and it takes place at the Antique Boat Museum the mecca of classic boat Museums. And if that’s not enough, and it should be since you are comparing it to mowing your lawn. You can just bask in the Thousand Islands… If you are in the market for a new/old boat.. On Saturday is a fun auction of some diverse boats. i will add, that i have seen steals happen at this auction. Here is a hint. bring a trailer. Many of the boats do NOT have trailers, and those are the ones that are great deals. You can see the inventory by clicking here.

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  1. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I will be returning to the lake place after an unfortunate absence and hitting the water in a couple of my old boats – no shows for me until the following week at Sicamous. Time to get on the water and run some boats!

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Looking at those exhaust pipes on CLAYTON… What’s that boat got in it for power? A couple of Shuttle engines?

    “CLAYTON, this is Clayton. T minus 2 days and counting.”

  3. cobourg-kid
    cobourg-kid says:

    Alex the 45 foot 1930 Robinson came from the factory with twin Hall Scott 240 hp engines. I have absolutely no idea what currently lurks in the belly of Flying Cloud…. Hmmm with that name I wonder if it was originally owned by Ransom E Olds?

    • cobourg-kid
      cobourg-kid says:

      Hey Alex I guess I should have scrutinized your message a little closer before jumping in with an answer . I thought you were referring to the Flying Cloud in “Clayton” totally missing the connection to the runabout in the column header which was apparently bestowed with the name “CLAYTON” via the magic of Photo Shop .Mea culpa

  4. matt
    matt says:

    We have done some stories on her, just click the header and it will take you to her resting place at St lawrence were she is for sale.

  5. brian t
    brian t says:

    It looks as if a youngster has gotten his hands on the Clayton boat above and installed a bit of bling with those asinine “coffee can” exhaust systems.

    I guess it could be worse though….

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