Clayton Winners List!

Keep your hats on!

As Kent O. Smith weeds though thousands of photos from his photo shoot, we have the list of winners from this years show. No photos though. But we will improvise as usual. Stay tuned for Kent O.s Phot O’s !

Okay, lets blow your horns!

Award Winners at the 55th Annual Antique Boat Show & Auction

CLAYTON, New York (August 4, 2019) – The Antique Boat Museum is proud to announce the award winners upon the conclusion of the successful 55th Annual Antique Boat Show & Auction. The list of awards and winners appears below:

Blair Cook Memorial Award (Preserved Non-Power): Slipper – Richard & Wendy Fetridge – 1921 Kennebec

not sure how these won awards! But okay!

Blair Cook Memorial Award (Restored Non-Power): 1900 Rushton – Duane Chalk
Best of Show – Preserved Power: Gus’ Minion – Gus Lombardi – 1976 Chris Craft
Best of Show – Restored Power: Sea Flash – Wayne Robinson – 1956 Aristocraft


Ta Da!

Racing Outboard: Greg Kranz – 1957 Mercury Mark 30H
Best Outboard Display: Francis Secor – 1935 and 1940 Johnsons
Best Restored Outboard Motor: Jeffrey Walshe – 1946-7 Evinrude Ranger
Most Unusual Outboard: Walter Chute – 1954 Mercury built Wizard, Experimental
Best Small Classic Outboard: Doug Secor – 1925 Johnson A-25
Best Small Antique Outboard: Stephen Fox – 1917 Evinrude
Outboard Motor Craftsmanship: Walt Peeters – 1934 Johnson JB70
Unmounted Inboard Motor: Walter Chute – 1904 McGaigle


Clayton Winter! Not Winner.. WINTER!

Preserved Racer: 1982 21’ Staudacher – Ian Adams

Preserved Antique Rowing Skiff: Victoria – Jim Grand – 1910-20 John Matheson
Preserved Antique Paddling Canoe: Slipper – Richard & Wendy Fetridge – 1921 Kennebec
Historic Scull: 1900 Rushton – Duane Chalk
Preserved Historic Sailing Skiff: Mr. Morgan – Morgan Rueckert – 1912 George Miller
Preserved Antique Tender: That’s Her – Duane Chalk – 1933 Brainard Robbins
Preserved Antique Launch: Curlew – Wood Family – 1907 Leyare
Preserved Classic Dispro: Scout – Syd Marsden – 1951 Greavette
Restored Classic Outboard Boat: Sea Flash – Wayne Robinson – 1956 Aristocraft
Preserved Classic Utility: Heaven On A Sunday – Ray & Ann McDowell – 1963 Century
Preserved Antique Runabout: Running Wild – Donald Textor – 1923 Hacker
Restored Late Classic Runabout: Vamoose – Peter Fitton – 1990 Hacker
Contemporary: La Te Da – Jim Hendler – 2010 Gar Wood
Restored Antique Cruiser: KaRaT – Ray & Judy Saunders – 1929 Elco
Preserved Antique Cruiser: White Cap – Howard & Leslie Kirkby – 1940 Richardson
Best Non Wood Boat: Gus’ Minion – Gus Lombardi – 1976 Chris Craft


Love me a Thunderbolt

Outstanding Chris Craft: Liquid Asset – Ed Andrews – 1951 Chris Craft
Outstanding Lyman: Sandpiper – Jeffrey Krueger – 1950 Lyman
Outstanding Century: Thunderbolt – Mecky Kreissle – 1931 Century
Outstanding Gar Wood: Cup-cake – Joseph McBride – 1941Gar Wood

Tish Cook Bottom Inspection Award: Richard & Wendy Fetridge
ACBS Most Original: Duckling – Larry Turcotte – 1937 Gar Wood
Boat Most Representative of Show Theme: All Wound Up – Daniel Crisafulli – 2016 Gar Wood
John Clark Inboard Engine of the Year: Paul Webb – Van Blerk engine in Flox

Bo and Kathy Muller out on Lake George Kent O. Smith jr Photo

Fred Thomas Antique Boater of the Year: Bo & Kathy Muller
ABM Staff Choice: Real Class V – Pat & Calvin Carter – 2014 Gar Wood
People’s Choice: Francis Marion – Bert Dodge – 1963 American Marine
Robert Cox Founders Award: Francis Marion – Bert Dodge – 1963 American Marine

Walter G. Kincaid Memorial Award: The Ark – Jim Holden – 1915 L. E. Fry
Jim Lewis Memorial Award for the Most Unique Vessel: 1976 Scotty Trailer – Dave & Kate McGrath

The end!

About The Antique Boat Museum
Located on the St. Lawrence River in upstate NY, ABM features a collection of over 300 antique and classic boats and thousands of recreational boating artifacts. Each summer the waterfront campus comes alive with numerous educational programs and special events, including the longest running antique boat show in North America. For more information, please visit the Museum’s website at

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    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Finally someone got that one! yeah it was too easy. And well. I wanted to the inspection on that one?

    • Dane
      Dane says:


      By any chance were you paying attention to the boat auction? I’m curious about what the 18′ Century Buccaneer sold for.

      • Johnny V./John Vyverberg
        Johnny V./John Vyverberg says:

        Sorry, I really didn’t pay attention. It was 5 bucks for a number and I didn’t see anything that really got my interest up, so I hung out in the “nautical marketplace” and had a couple of beers with my buddies instead.

      • Kathy Muller
        Kathy Muller says:

        Double check, but I think it went for $2,100. Someone locally came into my shop last week wanting to sell a 1961 Buccaneer so I was half paying attention.

        • Dane
          Dane says:

          Thanks Kathy,

          The ’69 Buccaneer was a precursor to the 1971 V bottom 18′ Resorter. Whoever bought that boat should have a nice rig for not too much money.

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