Crystal Blue Persuasion – Remembering Algonac Michigan

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For us it’s usually a few days after we return home from an event like the recent Algonac Boat Show in Michigan that we take the opportunity to sit back and reflect on our time spent there… The friendly, warm people and the crystal blue waters of this area represent some of the best classic boating in the country.

When everyone got together on Friday for the boat cruise from the Algonac Harbour Club Marina to the picnic lunch at a private island and then a high speed run along the Algonac Museum, the sun popped out and the water came alive with color. So we just had to share a few more images of that great day with our viewers, in no particular order with no descriptions as the images speak for themselves.

But if you would like to add some text, a comment or a description to any of these individual images, just send them to and we will add them in to the story as quickly as we recieve them. I know Carl will contribute and we love it!

“Crystal Blue Persuasion” is a 1969 song originally recorded by Tommy James and the Shondells and composed by Eddie Gray, Tommy James and Mike Vale. The classic song is described as “A gentle-tempoed groove, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” was built around a prominent organ part with an understated arrangement, more akin to The Rascals’ sound at the time rather than James’s other efforts of the time with psychedelic rock.”

A good headline for these images because in many ways they too represent “A gentle-tempoed groove” gliding across the Michigan water…

Let us know how you would describe these images and how they stimuate you…


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  1. Carl Garmhaus
    Carl Garmhaus says:

    What a most appropriate title for this afternoon’s post. If you still need another blue water fix, we will be doing it all again in 3 weeks just 17 miles up the river in St. Clair, MI. It was really hard to get any work done today, I can’t wait to see the other 1350 pictures Texx took.

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    When I see that beautiful Lyman with a new Honda hanging on the back I keep wondering why someone doesn’t make vintage outboard cowlings for modern motors. Wouldn’t be that difficult, would it? (Yes, I realize that a Honda would have to be disguised as a different brand.)

  3. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    A trip takes some or alot of planning. Then you take the trip. The thing that lasts the longest is the memories. They say that they can last a lifetime. The ones that I had as a young man have lasted and are the ones that get me out on to the water and when I am not on the water get me to pursue wood boats. I was not here but your pictures and stories evoke those feelings. I have to go hug one of my boats now. Thankyou Matt and Texx and all my benefactors.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      I’ll send you a road map so you can go there one day when you have time… I’m sure you (and Lil’ Squirt) would like it.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        I lived in SE Michigan for 4 years. I didn’t own a woody at the time but I sailed those waters more than a few times. No need for a map.

  4. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    God bless wifi, In the last 10 days I’ve been in London, Cannes and LA. As soon as I get a whiff of wifi I’ve been checking Woodyboater. The coverage has been wonderful thanks guys. I’m at LAX tonight homeward bound with a real tingle of excitement that even though it’s the middle of winter in NZ I might get the Arabian out this weekend and wet her bottom.

  5. Ann Guldemond
    Ann Guldemond says:

    Texx, your pictures truly capture boating in the St. Clair Flats. You and Matt have given me a new appreciation of what I have taken for granted for so many years. Keep posting the pictures. They are great!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thanks Ann, my recent visit to Algonac was an experience of a lifetime for me, for many reasons.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Matt and Texx mentioned it at the brunch that for all of you its just everyday stuff but for many of us it’s kind of like a pilgrimage. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

  6. Carl Garmhaus
    Carl Garmhaus says:

    One of the nicest complements paid was 2 years ago when Matt and Texx came the first time for the “Legends” dedication. At that time they said the color of the water reminded them of the Carribbian. The water is not photoshopped, it’s what we cherish, and as long as we don’t let the politicians, steal it, or otherwise muck it up, it will continue to be as beautiful as it is. I know you guys are on to the next assignment, but thanks for all the great coverage. We hope more of your readers take the time to explore Algonac.

  7. Alex
    Alex says:

    Rabbit, I have a friend in the Hessel area who is a talented fine artist. He can faux paint ANYTHING. Anything, as it puts it, that “stands still.” I’ve seen him do things like turn metal into pickled wood grain and wood grain into rock wall, where distinguishing real from illusion is challenging to the eye.

    He could paint something like that Honda to look vintage to an incredible degree, complete with light shadows, decals, patina (dents, fuel stains, oil scum, scuffs and scrapes, etc.) He relishes such fun projects.

    True, the shape of the cowling would remain unchanged. But excellent faux finish would give the “impression” of a different shape.

    If you, or anyone else, is interested in his contact info, let me know at

    • oldbaldguy
      oldbaldguy says:

      If he does body painting I’ll stand still if he can make me look skinnier, younger and more handsome.

  8. John Martin
    John Martin says:

    You can’t beat the color of water like that. Water in SC is certainly NOT that color. Sort of an orange-brown color actually LOL Damn red clay.

  9. Kathleen Pelepchan
    Kathleen Pelepchan says:

    I grew up in Algonac and worked at Chris-Craft when it was a mail-order place. I miss that area and the water and my family andvisit from CO as much as I can!

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