Dang! Live From The ACBS International Show At Bay Harbor.

Unfortunately I have missed most of the show because I have been in the hospital.. Turns out one needs surgery when ones jaw drops to many times.. I actually have splinters from the docks.. After a while I was just dragging my chin…chins, on the dock.. Even the plain Jane boats are killer.. Sorry to all of you that could not make it.. I almost did not.. In fact I had told folks I had run out of time to make it, but a late getaway from DC and a ton of driving.. We made it here today at 2.. The weather cracked open some beautiful sunshine and cool 60’s breeze.. This show is un describable.. It’s like every boat you have ever seen in a book or poster.. They are all here.. Like a Hollywood movie jammed pack full of stars.. That’s it.. its an all star showing.. Even the judges are having trouble deciding on some boats.. They kept coming back out of there meeting to look at some boats.. Sylvia is here and feels rather plain in comparison.. Along with the regular stars like Misty Morning, last years big huge boat of the year.. This year parked right next to her.. Final Run.. A sister Garwood sedan owned by the Harrison’s.. OK.. Enough reading.. You want photos.. Always the photos..

Blonds blonds and more blonds

Chris Smith

Dinglr from the Warner Auction

End of the line.. Fresh restoration

Lady El….


Lush Life.. One of my favorite boats at the show..

Pink Baracuda..Ohhhhh

Sea skiffs

Its great to see her again

Wait.. Dennis from Antique Boat center adjusting Sylvias bilge

Story on this master piece next week.. Holy cow..

ohhhh, this is a very nice boat

A famous actors boat.. 

The rolls motor in the dingle

A nice setting for the show

Duck.. I am speechless.. ..it is what it is..

Another nice motor

Lockpat II

Lockpat II

The Love Boat. This is an amazing boat.. Simply a master piece

When this boat started the show stoped

Out boards.. Magnificent outboards

Sylvia and Finito

White on White.. A very nice unusual combo

GReat transom art.. Great Boat.. A great time in Bay Harbor.. Stay tuned for more.
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