Drive By Shooting In Hessel.


One of the most beautiful boats ever made. A masterpiece of design. Colors, lines.

A huge thanks, and belly wacker laugh from fellow Woody Boater Mark Schallip. Gotta say, this type of report makes my heart sing. When I do one of these, I call them “a drive by shooting”.Not to offend the folks that do actual drive by shootings. Anyway, Mark went to the show, shot it, and then thats it. Poof. Never mind, that Alex, Chad and Matt B were there. Did we get a report from them? Nooooooooooo. So today you get Mark and his finger. ANNNNND my captions. Here is Marks Report…And Finger!

Hold on, I think Mike is pointing at something

“Here are some pictures of the Les Chaneaux boat show in Hessel today. They are not Kent O or Steve Lapkin quality. However they do show the show. Make up your own captions.”

Oh hell ya!

So many things to unpack here. The sign? The babes phone but shot? Oh the boat!

The wide shot

Actually a nice shot. Wait, is that Mikes Pinky? Tea Time anyone?

No, No, and No.. TWICE! Its like the tag line to the show. Lots of donts. Hold on, I am rethinking the Coke tag line. Coke, no burping. Coke, dont shake the can, Coke, Dont soak your car parts in it.

Now, some may see the finger here as a flaw, or the plastic bag. I see a clever photographer trying to mask the light to adjust the light to capture the moment. And the plastic is there as a statement of the power of wood in the shape of a boat, and a dock. While plastic is just garbage. See? Deep, isnt it.

This is a photo that shows respect to our wonderful men in Blue. The thin blue line that keeps our boats safe from snot nose sticky fingered little brats.

The finger filter. An ingenious new app that makes shots look more personal.


man oh man its beautiful UP there in the UP

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  1. NR
    NR says:

    We have many pictures from Hessel and Cedarville. However, they are all classified and you’ll need a warrant to release them. Not many from the show because it’s hard to shoot them from The Islander, Cattails, The Distillery, the cottage or while burning fossil fuel throughout the channels and Lake Huron. Sunday and Monday were travel and detox days for all. I know Chad made it home and Alex is now lonely, Assume Matt B made it back and the last I knew Mayer was in an airport bar on his way back to Portland. The committee will review documents for release.

  2. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    I know number VIII floats and engines run. But has anyone seen it under power and run it like Chuck ran number XI?

    Also the the story by Mecum about the Miller engines which is completely wrong is being reposted on the wood boat groups on Facebook.

  3. Chad
    Chad says:

    My phone ran out of battery trying to find a cell signal.

    If you ask the bartender at the Islander to charge your phone, she hands you another beer and charges your credit card.

    • Matt B
      Matt B says:

      Chad is the official photographer of the group, I blame him! I checked my phone I have a total of 6 pics and 2 videos, none from the boat show. Sorry for being a bad Woody Boater, I’ll try harder next time (not).

      If we start measuring the success of a boat show by how much fuel was burned, last weekend was a 10 out of 10.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Damn! I did not realize that I had “fingered “so many shots up. It was late Saturday night when I sent them in. I should have looked closer. Oh well it makes for a good story. Especially since you don’t know which finger it is. Saturday was a beautiful day in Hessel. It was a very fun show. Did not see Alex, Chad or Matt B in the Islander, however I did see a Sons of Varnish T shirt on a guy at the bar. I tried to get a picture but my finger got in the way.

    • Mark again
      Mark again says:

      Oh by the way Matt. My name is Mark, not Mike as indicated in the captions. I did not want any one else to get credit for my creative photography.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Byrne, Chad, NR (and son Kyle), Mayer, and a whole slew of other good folks stayed at our cottage. We were packed to the rafters the final night. Byrne, NR, and Chad brought their boats up. Two of those were in the show.

    Hessel had perfect weather (in fact, for the whole week). The show had beautiful boats — as always, mostly local ones — and was well-attended.

    Back at the cottage we had our own little show that lasted 3 days: 3, 19 Commander Super Sports, 1, XK-19, 1, 19’ Gar runabout, 1, 22U (it’s not a Sportsman, Mayer), and of course 1, 25 Sportsman. The boats left the dock and returned frequently every day, beginning with Mayer’s daily coffee run from Hessel to Cedarville, through sunset cruises and moonlit go-fast runs. All even ran well.

    Very grateful for good friends making memories and laughter that lasts for years. Grateful especially to WB for enabling the friendships to form.

    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      Anne and I have been to Watsonville, and truly enjoyed getting to know Alex. We are so sorry to have missed out on the UP version of a WoodyBoater AllStar gathering!!!

    • NR
      NR says:

      Bravo and ditto! Alex and I first met because a fellow boater from Sturgeon Bay stopped by the show in 2010 and saw him in his XK. I had just started mine and reached out to him. Chad followed and we exchanged many ideas and parts for our SS restos. Matt B helped out one weekend many years ago on the SS and is sooo talented. Mayer provides much entertainment, wood expertise and the left coast vibe. Wish we could do it more often but maybe then it wouldn’t be as special.

    • Tim W
      Tim W says:

      Alex, thanks for your hospitality Saturday night. It was great to see you and Sarah and to meet your friends. Chad and Mike made us feel right at home. We appreciated that. Even offered us some of your beer and gave us a ride in your boat. Looking forward to a ride in the Buick. Great night for sure!

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      We did the Cedarville to Mackinaw island run last year on a CC red and white Express. Had lunch on the island after waiting over an hour for an available slip at the marina. It was a great day!
      Sounds like the Watson party was quite an XK/SS rendezvous and a good time!

  6. Walt
    Walt says:

    What state is Hessel in? Just curious. I’m sure the insiders know but not all of us who view WoodBoater are insiders.

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Nice to see the VIII in the water again! I was part of the group that splashed it at the Tahoe show in ‘89 after the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum team restored it – at that time with a couple of Packard engines. PNW member Craig Magnusson probably knows more about the history of the boat and the various engines run in it than anyone…

    Start of the day pic – just for fun. 😊

  8. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Hessel was amazing. I only wish we would have arranged a Woodyboater meet up. At the Islander. I want to meet Mark sometimes from the UP but always with a finger in the frame and Black Hole boatworks (best name ever). And, of course, all the others……next year!!

  9. Brian
    Brian says:

    You made my day Matt! Thanks for featuring my boat on this article.
    Brian “Spirit of Mackinac”
    PS: I trust stinky is no worse for wear from the Algonac experience?

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