“Evangeline” Has Arrived At Bar Harbor To Join More Than 130 Her Close Friends

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Brian Robinson from Robinson Restoration in Fallbrook, California breathes a sigh of relieve after “Evangeline” is safely tied up at the dock at Bar Harbor.

REPORTING LIVE FROM THE BAR HARBOR SUPPER CLUB at Gull Lake, Minnesota – the 2015 Woods and Water Boat Show is now under way! It absolutely jam-packed with classic boats from around the country.


130 of Evangelines best friends are at Bar Harbor to celebrate the 2015 Woods and Water show. (Jim Arneson photo)


Mark & Barb Anderson from Gull Dam Brewing polishing up their Chris-Craft Carpi for the big show.

Stay tuned for more daily updates from Bar Harbor.


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    • Linda Wright
      Linda Wright says:

      Thank you to who ever took this picture. Two of David,’s boats together in such a beautiful setting. This picture makes my heart swell and my eyes cry.


  1. Linda Wright
    Linda Wright says:

    If it had not been for Robinson Restoration this picture would have not been taken. They did a fantastic job finishing the boat and fulfilling David’s dream.
    Thank you Tim and Brian from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys.


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